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Tom & Kellan Switch It Up

Bisexual: Tom & Kellan Switch It Up
Tom & Kellan Switch It Up
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It's been awhile since we've had some bi action here, but Kellan and Tom are about to change that! We love seeing both of these studs with guys and girls, so why not see them doing all of that at the same time?

Things start off with Kellan and Alyssa in bed and going at it, while Tom sits off to the side watching and stroking his hard cock. Tom can't sit back and watch forever, though, and soon hops on to the bed to take Kellan's cock in his mouth. Indeed, Tom's eager to help out in every way he can, using his mouth to drive the other two wild. After watching Kellan fuck Alyssa and taking Kellan's load in his mouth, Tom needs to fuck someone and get off as well! He throws Kellan's legs up in the air and starts to drill his hole, with Kellan grunting and moaning at every thrust.

Tom and Kellan show off just how intense and sexual they are, here — not only eager to suck and fuck and drive their partners wild, but able to get completely wrapped up in and consumed by the wild action that makes Kellan blow two loads and swallow Tom's!

Tom & Kellan Switch It Up Tom & Kellan Switch It Up
Tom & Kellan Switch It Up Tom & Kellan Switch It Up

Tom & Kellan Switch It Up

Tom & Kellan Switch It Up

Tom & Kellan Switch It Up
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Tom & Kellan Switch It Up Download

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