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Allen Slams Leah

Classic Sex
Classic Sex: Allen Slams Leah
Allen Slams Leah
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

The action starts right away when two of our newest get together. The two skip the small talk and jump right to getting naked and jumping into some fun and onto each other! Allen’s big dick is in Leah’s mouth in no time and she gets it nice and wet for some hard pounding penetration!

The two have no reservations, yelling out with each deep thrust just how good the sex is. Allen reads just the kind of fucking she wants and gives it to her- ramming into her hard and deep, slapping her ass hard and often. His masculinity definitely comes through as he owns his partner’s body until firing off a hot load.

We saw the nice guy side of him in his solo, now we see his just as capable at dominating. Question is, what else does this stud have up his sleeve?

Allen Slams Leah Allen Slams Leah
Allen Slams Leah Allen Slams Leah

Allen Slams Leah

Allen Slams Leah

Allen Slams Leah
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Allen Slams Leah Download

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«Stunning German

Filthy but damn sexy»

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“downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.”

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“i want it”

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