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Grant & Laura

Classic Sex
Classic Sex: Grant & Laura
Grant & Laura
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Grant has one of the nicest, hottest bodies (and incredibly handsome faces) I’ve seen, and knowing it would only look hotter in the midst of some hardcore sex made filming this video enticing. Having Laura beg for it, made me consider it. When Grant heard about how bad the coed wanted a chance to fuck him, Grant was more than happy to do that for her, and so we set it up so that he could get that dick buried in Laura and go to work!

As hot as he looks getting his big cock sucked, we know he’ll look even better when he’s fucking! Pulling on her long brown hair, Grant slips in doggy-style and really makes it about pleasing her. On her hands and knees, he fucks her with long, deep strokes. He’s obviously feeling good too, and you can see the orgasm building, but he holds off until after he’s made her cry out before releasing his sweet load over the lucky girl.

We couldn’t get the satisfied smile off her face for the rest of the day!

Grant & Laura Grant & Laura
Grant & Laura Grant & Laura

Grant & Laura

Grant & Laura

Grant & Laura
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Grant & Laura Download

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«Anjelica's Gets Fucked In The Backdoor

Nicholas Gets Lucky»

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