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Davenport #3 - Ex Marine

Gay Extreme
Gay Extreme: Davenport #3 - Ex Marine
Davenport #3 - Ex Marine
Studio: Military Classified

Today I want to re-introduce a new recruit Marine that I met online and he is definitely someone to watch! This stud hails from northern California and a true native! He stands about 6 feet and 175 pounds with a tight muscular body that is beautifully surrounded by great tats! The coup de gras was his almost 8 inch uncut cock that was simply delicious! Watch as Davenport gets introduced to the fleshlight and realizes a new way to jack off!
Davenport arrived at my studios in his uniform and I was in complete awe! This boy looked like the poster for the Marines and I was turned on big time! I couldnt wait to get past all mundane crap paperwork I have to fill out just to get this boy to shoot! Once we got past all the particulars, I was ready to take this boy in front of my cameras so I could make this boy nut! I could tell that Davenport was horned up and ready to go... the boy has a 4 day load saved!
It wasnt long before I had Davenport butt naked in my theater room and zoned into his pussy porn on my iPad waiting to meet my lil friend. Davenport looked very curiously at the fleshlight when I pulled it out and I lubed up the fleshlight and also his uncut cock then slid his cock inside the pussy like fleshlight and his eyes closed as he moaned.

That was the beginning of a wild ride that I took Davenport with the fleshlight taking him close to the edge several times and making him frustrated as all hell as it came to the point where he was almost begging me to make him cum! Ive become quite an expert with this unit and have learned how to jack these guys off but knowing when to cut off before they get into cumming mode.

In the end Davenport because a prier in my den and he completely submitted and gave me control of his prized possession and I was about to give him one of the best orgasms hes had to date. Within minutes, Davenport was giving me the warning and it was so cute that he tried to whisper it.. but I ignored his pleas and continued to ram his cock with the fleshlight until I knew he was about to go and I pulled off the fleshlight and jizz was literally going everywhere. Check it out!

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:02
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1826kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Davenport #3 - Ex Marine Davenport #3 - Ex Marine
Davenport #3 - Ex Marine Davenport #3 - Ex Marine

Davenport #3 - Ex Marine
File size: 201.0 MB

Davenport #3 - Ex Marine

Davenport #3 - Ex Marine
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Davenport #3 - Ex Marine Download

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