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In N Out

Gay Extreme
Gay Extreme: In N Out
In N Out
Studio: Red Eagle Films

Wolfgang Bang squirreled away scenes throughout the years, and serves them up here with flourish. Rex Armswell starts the ass-pommel working his hole open with several HUGE dildos, impressively taking even the largest right down to the base.

Spencer Rosebud Hartt demonstrates how he got his nickname in a three-way scene with Earl Howard and Erik Eriks. Rosebud starts out in full leather and slowly takes it all off as his hole gets more and more open. The J-lube flows in this scene as Erik fists him prone on the fuckbench, then moves over to the cage so Earl can give him a hand, and finally, perched over a bathtub. But with good rea! Erik stands up, fist firmly planted in Rosebuds ass, and pisses all over Rosebud as he moans. Earl helps out by rubbing the liquid gold over Rosebuds chest. By the end of the scene -- an impressive 30-some minutes -- Earl punch-fists Rosebud, and Erik shoots a big load all over Rosebuds cock and balls.

The action moves outdoors as Brett Berlin pisses all over Eagerboy, who wears a rubber mask with a hose and funnel attached. Eagerboy definitely enjoys the feeling of the warm wet piss, groaning to let his top know he wants more, and specifically, fill the funnel which leads directly to Eagerboys waiting mouth. Badpig joins in, directing the hot manstream into the waiting bottom. In a shorter but nevertheless hot sequence, Mitch Banning and Eagerboy laze about on the lawn, the piss flowing directly from cock into waiting mouth.

The Infamous Abduction Scene from Piss Moan
Cut to nighttime in Palm Springs, where Chris Coe cruises the streets, meets up with Ty Hurt and Mitch Banning who capture him and take him sex-hostage. Gives you pause as they drag him into their dungeon and prep him for the fucking and fisting of his life. Hooded, Chris cant see whats coming up, but his captors soon realize that this bottom is all-too-willing to take a couple of fists up his butt while sucking on a cock, teabagging or riming.

Mitch shows himself to be a piss pig, in a move that Wolfgang should patent: the stand and piss while hand remains up his bottoms hole. It quickly becomes obvious why these two captors covered everything in plastic, as they piss gallons onto their newfound slave, all the while working his abused hole as the piss puddles around his muscled frame. Mitch continues to work Chris hole open, pushing both hands into the bottom as he yells out with pleasure as the knuckes from Mitchs other hand push him to his limit. The trio stand, and Mitch then punch-fucks Chris. Chris is so taken with his new masters that he willingly signs a slave contract, and then Mitch and Ty tuck him away for further abuse once they regain their strength.

Now Thats a Huge Dildo -- or Is Somebody Missing Fire Hydrant?
Nick Savage stars in the next scene, working his hole first with a little dildo and teasing us with the idea that hes going to take what has to be the worlds largest dildo. Its a good thing Nick is so muscular, as the dildo must weigh at least 30 pounds, is three feet tall and as big around as a fire hydrant. Nick enjoys a series ever larger of toys, while hanging on to that giant piece of inspirational black rubber. The giant dildo comes in handy when Nick decides he needs a fist up his ass — his own — and uses the giant toy as a platform to position his ass. With one of the larger toys planted up his butt, Nick works his cock just as Orion Cross stops by to give him some assistance, night-stick style. Orion losses his clothes quickly, and jacks his cock to a nice gushing orgasm as he plays Nicks hole with the nightstick, finally spraying Nick with his spunk.

Meanwhile, in the Dungeon:
Eddie Reno and Sean Steele pick up where they left off in Maximum Stretch, role-reversal style. Eddie sheaths up his cock and stuffs it up Seans willing hairy hole, as Sean bellows Huge fuckin cock! to let us know how it feels. After a pounding, Eddie then greases up an even larger dong and stuffs that up Seans ass as he willingly struggles to take the entire length. Quickly, Eddie is ramming the dildo in and out of Seans ass, pulling his hairy ass lips out around the dildo, all the while groaning yeah, fuck yeah. Eddie plunges the toy all the way in and out of Seans hole, over and over again.

Proving he gives as good as he gets, Eddie dons some black gloves and stuffs his mitts up Seans hole. Eddie gives Sean a nice fisting in several positions, using both hands as Sean grunts Fist my pig hole and Please dont leave me empty when hes not just groaning in pleasure. Eddie works Seans hole loose and floppy, in a variety of positions until Sean positions Eddie on the floor, supports his arm on the ground, and rides his fist as his cock drips.

Young Orion Cross comes back for a solo dildo scene in the kitchen, riding a couple of fat toys until he blows a load on the floor. Then, wrapping up the movie, Daxx Reed fists Bud to the elbow, burying his tattoo-covered arm up Buds hole. Daxx aggressively pounds Bud, and Bud clearly enjoys the deep penetration, proven at the sight of his rock-hard dick as Daxx pulls his arm out to rearrange himself onto the floor. Bud remounts Daxxs arm and rides it like a hand puppet, all the metal in his extensively-pierced cock bouncing in rhythm.

In-N-Out is one of those movies that just keeps going and going. Just when you think the action cant get more intense, it does. These guys are obviously fisting pros and know how to take it, to the hilt.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:38:36
Video: 712x474, MP4V, 1417kbps
Audio: 124kbps

In N Out In N Out
In N Out In N Out

In N Out
File size: 1.1 GB

In N Out

In N Out
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In N Out Download

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