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Gay Extreme
Gay Extreme: Poolside1
Release Year: 2015
Cast: Ryan Rose, Anthony Verusso
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Outdoors, Rimming, Tattoos.

Video language: English

Ryan Rose playfully makes out with Anthony Verusso; Ryan is standing in the pool one step below Anthony, but they see eye to eye thanks to Ryan«s tall, muscled stature. When Anthony sits down, Ryan»s cock is at the perfect height for sucking. With lots of tongue, Anthony pleasures Ryan«s cock, and Ryan urges him on with a hand at the back of his head. Anthony leans back and Ryan squats above him, revealing his hole for rimming. Ryan wants a taste of Anthony too, so he rips off Anthony»s swimsuit and gives an enthusiastic oral workout that pleasures Anthony«s hole, balls, and cock. With Anthony»s hole slick and wet, Ryan brings on a power topping that makes Anthony«s hard cock spin like a helicopter. Lying on his back, Ryan lets Anthony do the work: Anthony squats down and fucks himself on Ryan»s huge dick. But Ryan can«t stay still for long, so he starts thrusting up into Anthony»s hole, intensifying the ride! With such thorough pleasure, Ryan is ready to blow his wad, and he showers Anthony's face with his cum. The experience is so hot, Anthony cums almost instantly, and they revel in their sexual release with a final kiss.

Format: mp4
Duration: 31:27
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4624kbps
Audio: 146kbps

Poolside1 Poolside1
Poolside1 Poolside1

File size: 1.1 GB


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Poolside1 Download

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«Anarcocks — Pirate Party

19Nitten — Slavik Caressed»

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downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.

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f wrote:
“downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.”

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“i want it”

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“Game not in english :c”

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