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MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou

Gay Extreme
Gay Extreme: MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou
MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou

Con Demetriou grew up on a farm about an hour west of Sydney, doing a lot of heavy physical work and spending a lot of time with the animals. In school, Con excelled at many different sports and became the athlete of the year. Professionally, he studied nutrition and sports performance and ended up applying all this knowledge and energy to bodybuilding. Con entered his first competition at 17 and won several, including the teenage Mr Australia. Con recently returned to MuscleGallery for his second shoot, following his outstanding appearance at the recent 2010 IFBB Europa Show, held in Orlando, Florida, where he placed 5th in a tough competition. An update spectacular with more than one hour of new HD footage was the result. Enjoy!

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Duration: 57:58
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MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou
MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou

MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou
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MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou

MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou
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MuscleGallery — Con Demetriou Download

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