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Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997
Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997
Release Year: 1997
Cast: Clay Maverick, Kurt Stefano, Tyle Forbes, Ethan Summers, David Renaldo, Criss James, Anson Young, Joey Hart, Talvin DiMachio, Austin, Jason West, Troy Dillon, Seth Black, Paul Morgan
Genres: Young Guys, Smooth Skin, Shaving, Big Loads, Fourways

Nicely done vid about Kurt, a millionaire gay nude model photographer (yeah, right!) who can still be smitten by lust, though he has models at his mercy. Okay, send in the models! Wannabe model Seth get prepped by the lovely assistant David, who shows Seth how to shave those hard to reach places. Seth returns the favor then offers (read — begs!) to clean David«s «12-incher» with his mouth. David»s cock looks more like 8« or 9», but he drives it home up Seth«s willing asshole and dumps his load on Seth»s backside. Next we flash to Kurt, cruising the side streets when he spots Lust incarnate. Who«s that tall dark stranger there? Maverick is his name! Kurt tries to impress Clay with his money, but no dice. Oh well, back to the fun! Next, Kurt has a photo shoot with, wait, is that Doogie Howser? Oh, my mistake, it is just four young boys, Ethan, Criss, Anson & — I mean Troy, having a little fuckfest on the tackiest couch I have ever seen! Later, Clay shows up at Kurt»s house and Kurt becomes a willing and able bottom for Clay, first sucking and then taking Clay«s veiny cock up his ass. Afterward, Kurt is smitten with jealousy and sends Joey to try and pick up on Clay to see if he sleeps around. There»s a good plan. Wouldn«t you know it, Joey mistakes sexy and topless Talvin for Clay and takes him into the back bar for some mutual cocksucking. Then he lets Talvin lock and load just to make sure Kurt»s suspicions were right. What a good friend! Towards the end of their encounter, hot newcomer Tyle pulls up a bench and whips out his cock for some self admiration, and we get to admire his great hands and arms and pecs and balls and...oooh, baby!! Meanwhile, the real Clay, barechested & heartbroken that his newfound plaything hasn«t followed him to the bar, drowns his sorrows, and his cock in a ready, able and shirtless Paul. Hot bods in motion, but I want to know whatever happened to the no shirt, no service rule?! A second friend of Kurt»s comes into to check on Clay, but gets bogus info from the bartender, so friend Jason invites bartender Austin back to his bedroom for a rather tepid sex scene. Does Kurt finally get Clay? Stay tuned for Hard Focus II- The Second Roll!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:50:26
Video: 720x448, XviD, 1391kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997 Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997
Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997 Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997

Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997
File size: 1.2 GB

Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997

Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997
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Hard Focus (Big Video) 1997 Download

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