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Paris Chambres Closes

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Paris Chambres Closes
Paris Chambres Closes
Studio: Dark-Ink
Cast: Carlos, Frank, Victor, Pascal Bruno, Silver Snake, Tom Ass, Othman, Norbert Thorm, Matthieu Paris, Joss, Franck LeDercan, Nicolas Goya, Castello, Mateo Marconi

Paris Behind Closed Doors« has an entirely different feel and flavor than »Last Call", though no less kinky. Still set in Paris after hours, the film«s broken up into four parts, each segment showing the viewer sweaty sex already in progress.

Three lean Parisians, Pascal Bruno, Frank and Carlos, make an evenly matched trio. None are what I»d consider buff or even toned, but their naturalness has big appeal. One of the three, Carlos, has made repeat visits to the tattoo parlor, colorful patterns in ink covering most of his back and shoulders. He finds himself in a very happy place, planted on his hands and knees with two uncut dicks in his line of sight. While he enjoys his good fortune, the two men he«s blowing get off on some sensual kissing. One of the three, Frank, has nice, plump, furry pecs which my eyes greedily focused on. For me, this dude became the star of the show. He did his best to organize a three-sided daisy-chain, but the bed proved to be too narrow. No big deal -- these guys move onto other things, rimming and sucking equally all around. The session picks up speed when Frank mounts Carlos from behind. Having designated their bottom boy, the other two use him in every conceivable way, even double-penetrating him. My moment of bliss came when Frank tilted his lovely ass up for a rimjob (check out his very hairy hole) and then got fucked. Act one concludes with Carlos lying prone on the bed, his upturned chin getting hosed with cum.

In another part of the city, two well-dressed business types, Silver Snake and Tom Ass, are having a late night in one or the other»s lowly-lit flat. The fun here is in the undressing. The younger of the two, Tom, quickly sheds his clothing, an immediate and erotic contrast to the other who stays dressed in his full attire. Silver Snake pops his prick out of his suit pants and gives his youthful buddy plenty of access to the goods. Both have fairly average cocks, but there«s plenty of enthusiasm in the room to compensate for any perceived shortcomings. Tom has a pristine hole. The rimming he spreads his legs for is so well photographed that it»s somewhat shocking in close-up. The fucking is unremarkable (the pup predictably bottoms) but the closing cum-shots made me sit up and take notice. Silver Snake towers above his submissive, his load running thick rivers over Tom«s upper lip, cheeks and chin.

The third vignette, from the outset, seems to be shaping up as another two-way tryst with two eager 20-somethings, Norbert Thorme and Othman, grappling with one another on a plush couch. Here too, part of the excitement is watching these guys work their way around one another»s tight, suddenly obstinate clothing. Norbert has snug jeans that make his ass look swell but become something else altogether when he slides them around his upper thighs so that he can be blissfully fingered. Just as the pair is starting to resolve some of their clothing quandaries, a third guy enters the space, Victor, putting his bulging electric-blue jockstrap in Norbert«s face. When the three are captured in the same frame, they resemble stereotypical Parisians 5-o»-clock shadows, dark mops, pale complexions, and unfussed-with body hair. Completely stripped down, the three are finally free to roll around the living room, getting entangled in all sorts of naughtiness. The bloke with the unfortunate jeans, Norbert, is blessed with a man cock. His buddies immediately latch on from a couple of different angles, slowly ratcheting up the scene«s intensity. That nice piece finds a warm home in someone»s ass and director Wolfgang Watts gets some excellent footage of one man squatting over the big-dicked Norbert, slowing impaling himself over and over again. Facials are on the menu here as well.

The final and best sequence is a six-man orgy. Each participant seems rather laid back about the whole thing, biding their time while silently making choices. One of the six, an unremarkable, slender-bodied twink, enthusiastically endures the entire orgy ordeal in a black blindfold, letting himself be led from cock to cock, each of which he dutifully puts in his mouth. The others keep themselves very busy, arranging and rearranging themselves in a fuck pile. Occasionally the camera will linger on something particularly erotic -- a hairy dude with a fat thumper getting his ass eaten, a shaggy-haired pup cramming his mouth with a buddy«s cock -- and the pace gets quicker and quicker as the party ramps up. A couple of guys expose their holes for fucking, trying to keep pace with the blindfolded boy who»s summarily getting rear-ended. The fucking doesn«t go on for long. Instead, the guys queue up, waiting their turn to get some oral service from the kid who can»t see anything. His reward for good service? His blindfold is removed at the very end of one steamy Paris evening.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:26:56
Video: 720x528, DivX 5, 1172kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Paris Chambres Closes Paris Chambres Closes
Paris Chambres Closes Paris Chambres Closes

Paris Chambres Closes
File size: 833.2 MB

Paris Chambres Closes

Paris Chambres Closes
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Paris Chambres Closes Download

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