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Track Meet

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Track Meet
Track Meet
Release Year: 1976
Studio: Royal Oak Films
Cast: Michael Davis, Don Ranger, Gavin Geoffrey, Larry Paige, Duff Paxton, T.C. Mathis
Genres: Pre-condom, Bareback, Vintage, Oral/Anal Sex, Seduction, Locker Room, Jockstraps Sniffing

Paralleling the story of The Idol, this Steve Scott feature film (theatrically released in 1976) presents a young track star«s (lean, long-legged, saucer-eyed Gavin Geoffrey) tension ining out and accepting himself. «Surrounded by sex, Gavin answers everye-on with a sneer, this guy needs to get laid bad, Track Meet»s calm realism, gentle humor and ultimate optimism are all Steve Scott at his best.« — Adult Video News.

Romance, fulness, affection and lovemaking are explored by Gavin as he discovers himself and the world of gay sex. The sex begins with Gavin watching Duff Paxton servicing Michael Davis« boner in the locker room. Next, after Gavin has run off to the showers and Larry Paige (David) has left behind his sweaty jockstrap, a fetishistic solo by Paxton follows. He snatches up the supporter and proceeds to sniff it, wrapping it around his cock and balls before blowing a load into the cup. Later, Gavin bes a mild participant to sex when he lets a married friend of his (Don Ranger) blow him,while the dude»s wife is in the next room. Tension builds as the teammates sit on a bus; Gavin squirms nervously as Paxton sits behind him in the back seat. What follows is a wonderful session of a man making a pig of himself, and then sitting on, the other man«s cock.

Next, while the teammates are on the road, Gavin is »» to suck the big, thick rod of a black hotel steward. This is a very psychosexual segment noting Gavin»s resistance and yet his undeniable interest, fascination and participation. It ends with hising out to David, his roommate, and an interplay of lovemaking and sexual exploration.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:03:20
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 3690kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Track Meet Track Meet
Track Meet Track Meet

Track Meet
File size: 1.7 GB

Track Meet

Track Meet
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Track Meet Download

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