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Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods
Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods

After sitting in the vault for over three years, Mark Woods, at age 18, in his very first hardcore scene bottoming bareback with blond -hung boy toy, Cameron Daniels. Plus Alan Fisher, in a hot interracial scene!
Blond barely legal bottom twink TJ takes 8 fat inches from his real-life boyfriend. And, newcomer Seth Fisher, gives up his 18-year-old high-school senior butt for British boy Larry Cotter. Hot naked teens, massive cumshots, rimwork, and great camera angles and «footage» for our foot fans! Enjoy!
The infamous English -hung Larry Cotter is joined by twinky beach blond Seth Fisher. Watch these two adorable real life boyfriends start the show with a little bit of kissing, making out and caressing as they strip each other down. It isn«t long before the last strips of skin-tight white underwear are stripped off and Larry, mouth watering at the idea of slurping up Seth»s 8-inch thick meat, throws himself down on his knees and begins to swallow every inch of his boyfriend«s cock.

Both boys visibly tremble with sexual excitement as they take turns deep-throating each other»s thick cocks, naked in the sunlight and getting each other worked into an intense sexual fervor. Once again, Larry trembles with excitement as he takes his cock and plunges deep into Seth«s eagerly waiting boy-butt. A jackrabbit pounding follows, with Larry driving himself deeper and deeper into Seth. Seth»s long flowing blond hair waves in the breeze as he moans ever-louder as the pounding gets more and more fierce.

Seth then rolls over on his back and Larry grabs his legs, pulling his tight blond body ever-closer to that little boy butt that he has been tearing up. Seth is so worked up that he is actually jerking his own massive cock! Larry leans back, throwing Seth«s leg over his shoulder and delivers a relentless pounding.

Seth bites his lip and screams out loud as he sends thick, creamy globs of boy pudding surging out of his cock in all directions. Foot fans will enjoy the glimpse of all four feet flying about in this beautiful park-like setting. Even after Seth cums, Larry continues to surge forward deep into Seth»s boyhole. Once again, both boys have their naked feet in full view in this scene.

Seth rolls over on tight teen stomach for Larry to mount him from behind with another jack-hammer attack on his milky white buns. The non-stop fuck-fest finally works Larry into a serious sexual fury that causes him to pull out just in time and send a spray of hot boy pudding all over his boyfriend«s back. Larry then leans on top of Seth, and the two boys enjoy a deep, passionate kiss.

Alan Fisher, part one of the dynamic twink twin duo, is paired up with Rikki. Tall, beautiful milky white Alan Fisher makes the perfect contrast to lean, ripped mocha boy Rikki. The boys rip of their shirts and begin some sensual kissing. Sleak, sneaky Rikki slowly unfastens Alans belt and unzips his jeans, as they continue their kissing, to get to the sweet white meat below.

Alex doesn»t seem to mind, standing up and letting his jeans fall to the floor so Rikki can wrap his lips around that hot throbbing teen cock. Rikki slurps down every inch of our twinky twin, savoring ever millimeter and working our white boy to a raging hardon. Alan«s big pink nipples stand out on his creamy white chest, his angel face looking down at the ripped brown body that is grabbing his body and sucking his cock.

Alex drops Rikki»s jeans to reveal an uncut, half-hard donkey dick. Rikki«s dick is so big it completely fills Alex»s mouth. Alex peels back the foreskin to deep-throat Rikki«s massive tool, swallowing it deep into his throat!
Alex then bends back, his beautiful round bottom spread and Rikki goes in for the rimjob that absolutely cannot be missed! The shot is so close that you can see every hair and the single pimple on Alex»s smooth white ass as Rikki whipes it clean with his slick, pierced tongue.

Alex then slams Rikki down on his knees, bending his round mocha ass up as he slides his 7 inch whtie fuck rod deep into Rikki«s tight boy hole. Alex»s naked cock plunges deeper and deeper into that smooth, clean shaven brown ass.

Rikki lays on his back and strokes his big brown massive cock as Alex lies between his spread legs and licks his black balls. All of Rikki«s tight ripped muscles strain and his chest heaves and falls as the excitement builds. Finally, Rikki can»t take it anymore; cock aimed in the air, Rikki sends a lava flow of cum surging into his belly button, running down the sides of his washboard abs.

Alex stretches his long, lean teen body upon the carpet, a big smile on his face as he jerks his cock, while Rikki returns the favor, washing Alex«s balls with his tongue. Once again, the boy juice flies as Alex shoots into his belly button and lower belly, cum dripping down his fingers while his face contorts into a vision of ecstacy.

Out of the vaults comes a long awaited, greatly demanded scene from our private collection. Filmed three years ago, blushing boy butt virgin 18 year old Mark Woods, and blond boy toy Cameron Daniels get together for Mark Wood»s only bareback bottom scene!
The boys start by pulling off each other«s shirts and getting into some soulful kissing. This scene, shot at the very beginning of Mark»s porn career, shows our 18 year old high school senior clearly nervous, as Cameron begins some gentle foreplay.

Mark«s young, almost girlish face lights up as he begins to suck Cameron»s thick snowy white pole. Cameron is clearly enjoying having the thrill of being the first cock inside Mark«s tender straight-boy mouth. Cameron gently strokes Mark»s silky black hair as his cock gets bigger, harder, and thicker in the anticipation of plunging it deep into this boy virgin.

Cameron«s thick tool is rock hard as he drops his naked body on Mark»s ripped teen chest and gently tongues his way down those six-pack abs to Mark«s waiting cock. We»re not sure what Mark was thinking of he closed his eyes and smiled while Cameron worked his cock and balls, gently working his tongue up and down Mark«s shaft.

Soon, Mark»s tender young feet head toward the ceiling, giving Cameron«s hot pink tongue easy access to the sweet boy hole between his legs. Time and time again, Cameron»s tongue probes deep into Mark«s young back door. Mark heaves and sighs as, shot from several angles (including, Mark, head on the ground, ass in the air) Cameron»s tongue takes that sweet virgin boy butt every which way but loose.

Mark bends over on the couch and awaits with nervous excitement as Cameron«s thick donkey dick ever-so-slowly sinks deep into his virgin boy hole. Slowly, gently, Cameron begins to work his cock deep into that tight virgin hole. The great close-up shot gets every centimeter as it slides in and out. Gradually, more and more of Cameron»s fat tool works its way into Mark«s slender butt. Cameron finally develops a gentle rocking rythm that lets him slide his fat cock into Mark»s slick butt, right down to the pubes! Foot fans will appreciate the four white boy feet that are shown.

Cameron begins to pound Mark«s ass with greater ferocity, working the boy»s smooth milky boy ass. Cameron then lays on his back as Mark straddles him, guiding his thick cock deep into his slick boy butt. Mark, on his knees and riding Cameron«s cock, jerks himself, his thick high school athlete pecks clearly visible and straining as he pumps himself up and down Cameron»s shaft.

Mark gets so turned on by Cameron«s pounding that he cums while he»s still getting fucked! Streams of thick juice shoot up Cameron«s chest while pretty boy mark is still getting fucked. Still covered in Mark»s cum, Cameron gets on his knees and, heaving and sighing, blows his load all over Mark«s pretty boy face! Mark squeezes his eyes shut to protect them from the buckets of cum that come flying onto his face. A nice, slow kiss and our two naked boys give us a beautiful parting ass-shot as they walk naked up the stairs.

TJ, a 5»6« blue eyed blond bomb shell with a bubble butt you could bounce quarters off of, meets up with his superior officer Mario, 6'2» for an off-duty fuck-fest that wont soon be forgotten. Our fetishists will be delighted at the amount of «footage» included in this scene.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:47:50
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Audio: 187kbps

Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods
Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods

Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods
File size: 2.0 GB

Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods

Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods
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Miami Studios — BareBackTwinks — Deep in the Woods Download

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