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Bad Boyz Club #1

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Bad Boyz Club #1
Bad Boyz Club #1
Studio: Studio 2000

Get ready to give your tool and hand a relentless workout as
What also makes Bad Boys Club special is that it brings together no less than five
In our first story, smoldering and chiseled tennis pro Rafael Alencar returns to the locker room after a triumph on the court, only to find boyish and luscious pale blond Chip Noll stripping for a shower. Noll tells Alencar that he had been watching with his girlfriend, and gushes over the pros mastery of the game. Alencar strips out of his tennis whites (in which, by the way, his dark frame looks absolutely magnificent!) and starts stroking his colossal pinga as Noll heads for the shower and starts lathering his smooth skin. In no time, Alencar joins Noll and s the straight boy down to deep–throat his flawlessly lovely cock! Noll sucks like a pro, jerking the base while lapping at the head, as Alencar roughly fucks his face and barks orders! But Alencar gives lip service as well as gets it, sending Noll into with his own cocksucking skills! Nolls nubile body is soon bent over a laundry cart for an epic rimming as Alencar stabs his tongue into Nolls delicious hole. Noll writhes and moans for Alencar to get it ready – which he does, plunging four fingers into Nolls gorgeous pink pucker! With Noll opened up and begging to get fucked, Alencar drives his dark pinga home! After much powerhouse banging, including Alencar picking Noll up and fully fucking as he carries him across the room and lays him on his back (without ever pulling out of his warm hole!), Alencar bangs the cum out of Noll before proceeding to drench his glistening skin in even more juice!
Scene two opens with lanky olive-skinned South American Luciano Haas pulling his cock out for a piss in a dark alley behind a club, only to be discovered by Trevor Knight (looking mouthwatering as ever with his spiky hair dyed reddish brown). Knight instantly sta rts Haas for stinking up the alley with his piss, and s Haas down to sniff his meaty cock! Haas, with other things in mind, greedily wraps his lips around Knights growing rod! After Haas gives Knights cock a thorough soaking, Knight kneels to swallow Haas dick all the way to his trimmed bush! Soon Haas is bent over a ladder so Knight can give his mouth a taste of Haass sublime pucker! Haas sighs in as Knight gives that beautiful ass the rimming of a lifetime and gets even more vocal when Knight pulls out a latex glove and proceeds to smack his ass and finger his hole! Knight asks Haas if he is ready for Knights huge cock—and of course, Haas answer is yes! Haas rushes to bend over a packing crate and get his ass high in the air for a fierce banging from Knight! –dicking his victim, Knight spits on his back and calls him a dirty slut. Taking him by the shoulders he shoves his cock in ever deeper! A dicklicious missionary banging follows, with Knight alternately berating Haas and tenderly kissing his legs as Haas breathlessly screams for more! Knight finally drenches Haas in cum and slaps his cock against Haas ass cheeks until he also shoots a huge load! Knight finishes the scene by sliding his cock around in Haas cum!
In scene three, perennially adorable and megahung jock Ryan Alexander is telling his blond and muscled gay roommate Tommy Brandt, in graphic detail, about eating a girls pussy. Brandt asks Alexander why he has a massive hard–on if hes just fucked around and Alexander responds that having her pussy eaten was as far as this girl would go and now hed do anything to get off— which includes begging Brandt for a blowjob! But Brandt doesnt like one–way streets and presumes that his straight roommate wont suck him in return. Not so! Brandt has clearly been lusting after Alexanders exquisite cock, and wastes no time reaching for that massive tool! Brandt grips the base of Alexanders rod and runs his lips over every delicious inch! Alexander moans and caresses Brandt, even more so when Brandt begins to chew on his balls! True to his word, Alexander lifts Brandt and insistently tugs at the blondes jeans to get his cock out – immediately making it clear that hes sucked a few cocks before and loves the taste of dick! Alexander furiously pumps his own inflamed tool as he gives Brandt the same soaking hed just received, lapping at Brandts head and tonguing his entire shaft! After much passionate kissing and nipple-chewing, Alexander turns Brandt around to slide a finger into his hole, and sucks his cock again as he gently and expertly opens him up with probing fingers! With Brandts hole relaxed, Alexander lifts Brandts legs onto his s h o u l d e r s and drives his cock in! After a tender missionary fuck, Alexander turns Brandt over for a definitely rougher fuck, with Brandt clearly loving every minute! Alexander flips Brandt back into the missionary position to finish him off, and bangs Brandts prostate to coax a huge load. Alexander finishes the scene by shooting his own colossal load and pulling Brandt in for one more round of sucking tongues and biting lips!
In the fourth and final nasty tale, lean and gorgeous blond Matt Van Dorn is jerking off in an open window as a gang of men (seen only in silhouette) yank their own dicks and talk up the salacious action. Van Dorn slides his cock up against the glass and fucks the window until shooting a big load! One of the onlookers relates that Van Dorn puts on the same show every Monday and Tuesday. The next night the same action seems about to repeat until furry and cute-as-hell cop Cody Cash comes along to break up the crowd and to read Van Dorn the riot act. But Cash really has other ideas—like showing Van Dorn a less public cure for early week boredom! The back and forth between Van Dorns elegant South African accent and Cashs Eastern Seaboard voice is adorable, but theres soon no time for talk as they opt to exchange saliva and Van Dorn strips Cash out of his uniform! Van Dorn fists the two cocks against each other and Cash runs his hands over every inch of Van Dorn before sliding his curved tool past Van Dorns ripe lips. A blazingly hot 69 follows with Cash seated over Van Dorn, who sucks the cops cock for dear life as Cash fingers Van Dorns hole, and tongues his cock, balls, and ass! Cash lifts Van Dorns legs onto his shoulders and eases his cock in for a ravishingly shot, ferocious pummeling! Cash slams into Van Dorn, who moans and purrs at his ass lips being stretched wide, and is soon on all fours with his ass planted in the air for more! Then in an absolutely unbelievable switch that will undoubtedly inspire some spontaneous shooting, Van Dorn lays on his back for Cash to take a seat on his fuckpole! The tough cop is so eager to have Van Dorns cock in his hole that he doesnt even stop to take off his own condom until after hes being plugged deep! The explosive action ends with both men on their knees kissing passionately; Cash unloads a gusher onto Van Darns thigh; and Van Dorn soaks Cashs furry bush!

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:23:39
Video: 352x240, MPEG — 1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

Bad Boyz Club #1 Bad Boyz Club #1
Bad Boyz Club #1 Bad Boyz Club #1

Bad Boyz Club #1
File size: 834.7 MB

Bad Boyz Club #1

Bad Boyz Club #1
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Bad Boyz Club #1 Download

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