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«British Kit Lads || Deep in the Woods (Mark Woods)»

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Gay Feature
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Release Year: 2003
Studio: Rascal Video , Channel 1
Cast: Brent Everett, Benjamin Bradley, Cole Ryder, Luca DiCorso, Brett Mathews, Sebastian Cole, Sebastian Rivers and Tommy Blade.

Genres: Barely Legal, Bathhouse, Bodybuilders, Cameras, Foreskin

Yeah, that«s real pretty in poetry, but gay porn demands more. Thankfully, the quartet of amazing scenes here doesn»t end with the look and the vague hope of possibility, but starts with it and ends only inplete exhaustion. Of course, Chi Chi LaRue is using eight of his best players, so that«s a given.

When a room has plush red paneled walls and billowing curtains, it»s meant for either the psych ward or a porn set. Luckily, since Tommy Blade and Benjamin Bradley are there, it«s the latter. They see each other across the room and slowly make their teasing ways to each other, not touching for the longest time, buting so close it hurts. I must confess that these two are peral favorites of mine, so I think I»m predestined to adore this scene! Tommy, with his swooping tattoos and thick black hair is every bit the match for ultra sexy Benjamin, who is perfection from his spikey dark hair to whatever the tips of his toes look like. Once Benjamin goes in for a big kiss, the scene is off with oomph. Tommy can«t wait to suck Benjamin»s luscious cock, and does so with a bucket of spit, which makes this scene extra hot. Benjamin is definitely into it and keeps pulling Tommy to his mouth so they can share all that wetness drooling from Tommy«s. Though Tommy wants to be deep-throating Benjamin all the time, Benjamin is more playful. He walks around Tommy, not letting him touch him all the time. Tommy decides to make the best of the moments he»s given and just lavishes attention while he can. Tommy is then undressed to his cock so Benjamin can do his masterful work and it«s a mirror of what has transpired: the insane deep-throating punctuated by kissing, all delivered breathlessly by these two determined experts. During Tommy»s second chance at blowing, Benjamin starts fingering his partner«s ass, feeding him the taste of what his fingers find. However, Tommy flips Benjamin on his back and eats from his ass, as as he»s been all this time. There are few directors who enjoy showing off rimming as much as Chi Chi LaRue and when the butts and mouths are as tasty as the ones here, he makes sure it«s as much a centerpiece as anything else. Benjamin»s counter rimming is a gracious strong tongue-fuck, but he smacks his dick against the ass, so it«s clear he wants more when he»s finished. What Benjamin Bradley wants, Benjamin Bradley gets, so he fucks Tommy first in an interesting kind of sideways position, grabbing his bottom«s cock and jacking as he does his specialty, the gyrating hip thrust job. Tommy sits on Benjamin and rides, while his top thrusts up at him. This is the climax of their beautifully connected work together. Staring at each other with eyes half closed in rapture, they pull at each others cocks until cum time. Benjamin is actually holding both when he spurts a large one and then Tommy finishes second. This scorcher of a scene is one of the best I»ve seen in a long time, and that has nothing to do with my lust for the players. The players themselves show why they are so damn fine!
The second vigte also takes place in a plain room, but the theme of the wall isn«t luxury, but graffiti. Hunky he-man Cole Ryder and shaved-headed hottie Sebastian Cole go at each other with masculine drive, Sebastian particularly enamored of Cole»s tits and pits. Bearded Sebastian fights his way into Cole«s pants so he can blow his super-hairy bud. He handles Cole»s thick cock with absolute ease, looking up at Cole as he pushes to the bottom. I can«t remember the last time I saw someone pull a mass of pubic hair into his mouth and make it sexy, but Sebastian doesn»t stay in one place long. From the dick to the pubes to gnashing his head around Cole«s crotch, he»s a whirlwind of energy. His zesty wattage is turned to Cole«s very hairy butt, which he pries open and slides into orally, listening to Cole»s grunts of direction and performing them exactly. Sebastian remains a true workaholic when Cole sits on his face, alternately feeding him cock and ass. Cole rewards Sebastian for being such a good sport by tearing off to suck Sebastian«s uncut cock. As Sebastian manages his foreskin, Cole uses it and the entire hooked cock for great pleasure. It»s not long before Cole has added Sebastian«s ass to his meal tray, using his bearded face to tickle and his tongue to puncture. The gruffer bigger Cole is the bottom, laying on his side so Sebastian can fuck him. Given the shape of Sebastian»s cock, it«s not given that any bottom will do as well with it as Cole. Sebastian is just an unstoppable of nature when he»s doing something he likes, and it seems he likes this mucho. All they need is one position before they are wrapped together letting the cum fly.

The soft red returns for the next scene, where Luca DiCorso is playing with himself, which hairy chested goateed Sebastian Rivers does the same in the room. They go into full on jack-off mode, stroking, sniffing, spitting and more as they pleasure themselves, only feet apart. Where is «the look?» Ah, there it is. Luca turns his head just a bit and looks over at Sebastian, all the invitation the latter needs to slowly join him. Since Sebastian is positioned right near Luca«s face, the later starts sucking, with a fine mouth and a very helpful hand. This holds for Sebastian»s blowjob as well, as he opens wide to get in Luca«s meaty cock. Luca keeps a hand parked in Sebastian»s ass the whole time, releasing it only to savor the taste of it. Luca goes in for a closer taste with his tongue, and Sebastian has cheeks to ripe they invite great ass munching. Sebastian knows just where to put his butt, hovering over Luca«s cock, which is twitching to get inside during a dry hump. When Luca seems to be on the verge of prematurely exploding, Sebastian is flipped onto his back and given a sturdy fuck from Luca. His dick fits into the ass very precisely and he knows how to act out a sexy bit of topping. They take their act to a sideways position and then . Both remain unstoppably given over to the scene and Sebastian really has one hell of an ass. Luca stands over Sebastian and the two cum.

Back in the graffiti lounge are now a series of barstools and through good editing, the two men there move from stool to stool as they tease each other with looks and strokes of their jeans. Tall handsome Brett Mathews is one denizen and the other is Brent Everett, owner of some of porn»s most bitable lips, not to mention dark boyish looks that stay young while his body has matured into a very strong manly figure. Finally on barstools next to each other, the cockse out and Brett takes a hold of Brent«s mouthwatering big one. Brent grabs onto Brett»s and they finally bring their lips together. Not for long, however, because Brett is eager to begin the sucking portion of their time together. With Brent face-fucking him, Brett is able to take lots, swooping his head around the dick, eyes wide at times, as if he can«t believe he gets to have fun with it! The camera shots over Brent»s shoulder are particularly hot due to his sculpted abs in the frame. Brent also has a great set of juicy balls and they don«t escape Brett»s excellent technique either. Brent then goes to the floor so he can suck Brett, who seems to forget breathing he«s in such rapture. Brent has blowing down to an art form and even though he gets only halfway down Brett»s long cock most of the time, he does it with such exceptional and unique style. Brett gets to dig into Brent«s ass orally, doing it with a speedy tongue that keeps Brent very hard. Brent then licks down Brett»s back until hitting his ass where he licks with a wild fire. Brett already has his ass poked out, so Brent segues right into the fucking. The petite dynamo is a fireball of ferocity, a sublime top who exploits Brett«s trained ass with punishing eagerness. His full in-and-out blasts are particularly nasty, but with Brett bouncing backward, these two rattle off superb fucking from the onset and never let it dim. Now it»s the camera underneath the guys that works best. Just watch as Brent pulls all the way out, no hands, and Brett«s ass goes back to shape for just an instance before Brent goes roaring back in. When ites time for the missionary fuck, Brent is all business, letting the tricks go in favor of plain old brute topping, rhythmic and strong. It works for Brett, who takes mere moments to cum. Brent pulls out and squeezes out a hefty load on Brett»s pale torso.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:10:31
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1172kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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«British Kit Lads

Deep in the Woods (Mark Woods)»

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