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Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable
Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable

These hot suit-daddies know how to get the job done even if it«s not the one they»re getting paid for.

In Unsuitable, take a behind-the-scenes look at the hot sales make at Tough Tools, Inc. They«re having a bad sales year and big boss Zak Spears is not happy. How does he handle it? By letting his men hear it -- and feel it.

These nine hot guys are under a lot of pressure and they relieve that pressure the best that they can by getting their huge man sticks out of their suits and using them on each other. These six steamy scenes star uber-daddy Zak Spears in his first Pantheon feature, handsome and hung Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti, Ben Martin, Paul Barbaro, Trey Walker, Xavier St-Jude, Billy Duro and Ethan Roberts.

If you love suit-daddies, you»ll really love these scenes where the suits stay on for a good long time as the action gets hotter and hotter.

Zak Spears and Tyler Saint
Zak is pissed. Sales are down and he«s home early to work some more. On his way in he gets a look at sporty, teasing neighbor-boy Ethan Roberts but before they can get their hands on each other, Tyler Saint calls to discuss work with Zak. That makes Zak even less happy so when Tyler comes over to talk shop, it soon turns into something else. They take a long time sucking and rimming with suits partially on before Zak homes in on Tyler»s unbelievable hole. They fuck on the couch, enjoying each other«s amazing bodies before getting the release they both so desperately need.

Paul Barbaro and Trey Walker
Hot and hung daddy Paul Barbaro is alone at the office on a quiet Friday and he»s not getting much work done. In fact, he«s watching daddy porn on his computer and getting all worked up. Lucky for him, hot stud Trey Walker arrives to deliver a large package. But whose package is bigger is the question and who»s going to deliver their package is never in doubt. When Trey returns from a bathroom break, he finds Paul already waiting with his huge cock out of his suit pants. Paul«s on top here, just the way they both like it, and he makes sure Trey serves his big hungry cock. These two fuck so hard and fast, Paul doesn»t even take time to take his suit off but everything ends up on the floor — files, cum, lube, even Paul«s computer screen. Now that»s a fuck!

Nick Moretti and Ben Martin
Monday. Nick and Ben are in the office and neither looks enthused to make the best of the day. That is until Nick gives Ben the eye and Nick«s massive meat begins to show through his suit pants. These two are so horny for each other they find new ways to use a wooden filing cabinet as they suck and rim before the fucking begins. First Nick fucks Ben with his long 9" meat. Then Ben gets his chance on top and gets his nice uncut cock deep up Nick»s hairy hole. Monday has never been so good.

Paul Barbaro, Billy Duro, and Xavier St. Jude
These three have not been pulling their weight and they«re hearing it during a conference call with their boss Zak. After the call they»re at a loss how to proceed until Paul and Billy take charge of the situation. Take charge is the right phrase because they tell hot bottom stud Xavier exactly what to do, how to do it and how hot he looks doing it all. Super hung Paul and Billy both take turns on Xavier«s sweet, sweet hole before everyone blows a huge load all on the conference table.

Zak Spears and Ethan Roberts
At the end of the week, Zak returns to his loft but is so stressed out he doesn»t see young pup Ethan standing in the hall with soccer ball in hand. To get Zak«s attention, Ethan kicks the ball his way and unintentionally smacks Zak in the head. THAT gets his attention and he orders Ethan straight into his loft where he makes Ethan serve his big daddy meat. Ethan gets treated like meat as Zak slaps him down on the kitchen counter and uses him to relieve all the week»s frustrations. Zak makes Ethan rub his feet and crack his toes, suck his fat cock and then take his meat nice and deep. It's almost too much for Ethan to take but Zak could give a crap and fucks him til they both shoot nice juicy loads to end one hell of a week.

Bonus Scene: Paul Barbaro Solo
Hot suit daddy Paul Barbaro is a masculine top who likes his boys lean, muscular, and obedient. In this hot solo video, Paul strokes that big hard daddy cock of his to an explosive climax.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:46:28
Video: 704x480, AVC (H.264), 976kbps
Audio: 127kbps

Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable
Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable

Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable
File size: 1.3 GB

Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable

Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable
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Pantheon Productions — Unsuitable Download

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