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Work Of Art

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Work Of Art
Work Of Art
Studio: All Worlds Video

Art students find their inspiration when they see hunky men in the park.

Nico Sideropolus is in the park drawing, when he sees sexy Matt Woody he invites him back to his apartment to pose for him. While Nico is working on his sketching and eying every sexy feature on Matt, he gets turned on. With his drawing pad blocking Matts view, Nico begins stroking his uncut cock. Matt becomes suspicious and pulls the pad away to see that Nico has already shot a load on his stomach. The two quickly strip one another out of their clothes. Matt drops to his knees to suck on Nico, who is still rock hard. Matt jerks off while he is sucking on Nico and shoots a load. Since Matt is still nice and hard, Nico wants to get his lips around his cock. Nico doesnt stop working on Matt until they both shoot their loads. After all of that, Matt is still not done with Nico. Matts ass is ready for a fucking and he wants to feel Nico deep inside him. Nico tongue fucks Matt and gets him good and ready for his thick cock. The two start fucking and dont stop until they are both spent and blow their big loads.

Drago Lembeck is working on a drawing the park when Casper Watts sees him and says that hed like to pose for him. Casper gets turned on knowing that Drago is looking at him and starts massaging his cock. Drago is so wrapped up putting the final touches on his masterpiece that he doesnt notice Casper has stripped his clothes off. When he sees Casper naked, Drago drops his sketch pad and strips down to join him on the bed. Casper eagerly sucks Dragos thick cock and then leans back so Drago can get a taste of his meat. They take turns sucking one another until they both spill thick gobs of cum on the bed. Casper starts rimming Dragos muscular bubble butt and gets so turned on that he shoots again. They are both still rock hard and since his ass is lubed up from all of the spit, Drago decides to go for a ride on Caspers fat cock. After taking Caspers dick, Drago decides its his turn to fuck some ass. He bends Casper over and fucks him gie style until Casper blows his load. Drago finishes up pumping a load out all over Caspers smooth ass.

Tom Hawai is working on his art project when a couple, Tony Koch and Richy Rich, ask him if he will do a portrait of them. Tom takes them home where they can pose for him. While he is working on the drawing, Tony and Richy get turned on and start making out with each other. They quickly strip down and Tom drops to his knees between the couple. He takes turns sucking on their cocks. Once they are good and hard, Tony and Richy share Toms dick and they dont stop sucking until hes sprays his load all over the floor. Tony and Richy cant hold back either and they jack themselves to a climax. Still horny for more Richy and Tony spread Toms legs and take turns rimming his ass and sucking on him. The couple quickly gets hard again and they put Tom in between them so that Richy can fuck his ass while he is sucking on Tony. The two trade positions fucking Toms ass and mouth until they both shoot their loads. Tom isnt finished yet and he wants a shot at their asses. He bends the horny couple over and takes turns fucking them until he cums on their backs.

Back in the park Enrico Mexx is working on a drawing when he sees Mario Rafanelli walking by. Mario cruises him as he walks past and Enrico decides to follow. Enrico shows Mario some of his artwork and invites him back to his house. Enrico is just getting started when he decides to go get a juice. Left alone, Mario strips down to give Enrico a surprise when he gets back. At the sight of the blond stud naked, Enrico quickly ditches his clothes too. The naked studs show off their bodies and jack off for one another. Enrico finally gives in and drops to his knees so he can worship Marios cock. Enrico sucks and licks Marios balls until he shoots a load without even having to touch his cock. Mario returns the favor with some expert mouth work on Enricos rock hard dick and keeps going until he shoots a load. Mario gets so turned on that he blows another wad. Enrico wants more, and bends over so Mario tease his tight ass with his tongue. Mario sinks his cock deep in Enricos ass and pumps him hard. When he cant take anymore, Enrico takes a seat and lets Mario ride him. Mario pumps his ass up and down on Enricos cock until he explodes and a load sprays from his cock. Enrico doesnt waste anytime and shoots his load on Marios leg. Not too be outdone, Mario starts stroking his hard cock again and shoots a final load.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:49:42
Video: 448x320, DivX 5, 738kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Work Of Art Work Of Art
Work Of Art Work Of Art

Work Of Art
File size: 702.6 MB

Work Of Art

Work Of Art
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Work Of Art Download

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