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Turn of Events

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Turn of Events
Turn of Events
Release Year: 1999
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing / Mandatory Pictures
Cast: Peter Wilder, J.T. Sloan, Marcelo Reeves, Chip Hardy, Doug Jeffries, Jeff Mitchell, Dax Kelly, Mark Kroner, Matt Bradshaw, Jack Simmons

Stylish and sexy, little twinkie boys with shaved assholes and lisps don’t show up here, so if you're looking for chicken, here you get steak — tube steak and plenty of it! Even though you may recognize the names of the performers you will be pleasantly surprised by how fresh and exciting they are here. Reeves and Wilder open the sexstravaganza with nary a plot point in sight.

Instead, we just get to watch Wilder worship at the altar that is Reeves’ uncut meat. Verbally praising the cock while orally pleasing it, Wilder seems at his best. Reeves knows what to do too, of course. After feeding Wilder his cock and balls Reeves turns him sideways to get his ass at the best angle. Reeves feasts on his buddy’s cock before moving on to his asshole.

Wilder’s hole is quite accommodating, both to Reeves’ tongue and his prick. This scene is peppered with hot kissing that lets us know these two performers dig one another. Wilder’s asshole is open wider than the Holland tunnel before it finally gets to feed on Reeves’ ever-hard cock. Just as the two shoot notable loads Wilder’s lover (Jeffries) arrives home and catches them in the afterglow. Now we have a plot, although we don’t need one!
Jeffries is then left penniless and homeless. Good thing he happens upon Simmons and Kroner who offer him a hundred dollars to do them both. He does. In fact, he sucks both of their cocks as if they were paying him a million dollars. Kroner’s giant white cock with red pubes sets off Simmons big black cock. These two are quite believable as lovers. Kroner’s hairy body is hot and his cock is juice-can wide. The guest feasts on it while Simmons first fingers his greedy asshole then fucks it. Once he’s been filled with Simmons’ cock, the would-be hustler gets fitted with Kroner’s wide pole. The little guy must have walked funny for days afterwards. The two shoot nice amounts of cream all over their boy toy and then kick him out. It seems his problems have not been solved.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:37:17
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264)

Turn of Events Turn of Events
Turn of Events Turn of Events

Turn of Events
File size: 1.1 GB

Turn of Events

Turn of Events
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Turn of Events Download

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«All Worlds Video – Mars Needs Men (2005)

Wanted The Owen Hawk Collection- Disc 2»

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