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«Bareback Summer School 2 || Oh Man! Studios — 10 Inches Raw (2014)»

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)
Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)
Release Year: 2002
Studio: MSR
Cast: Colton Ford, Blake Harper, Michael Brandon, Steve Cannon, Carlos Morales, Ben Archer, Damian Ford, Brad McGuire, Antonio, Diego Alvarez, Nick Piston, Rich Strong
Genres: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Muscule, Leather, Bears, Fetish, Group

«Prowl 3: Genuine Leather» is the exception to the rule. Generally speaking, most series lose their charm after one or two installments. But the look, feel and heat have been ratcheted up this time around, and, as a result, No. 3 is the best of the bunch. For starters, this edition was shot in Chicago (the first two were filmed in Los Angeles) at the Steamworks. So there is a new location, a new director, and completely different performers as well. Ah, the performers, stunners all, with a healthy dose of veterans, newcomers and first-timers, too. Not a bad one in the bunch. And technically, the production values are top-notch. No dialogue throughout -- just grunts, groans, smacking and howling (you know, the general sounds of a sex club ... or so I«ve heard), and a techno-trance soundtrack by Drance.

As the flick opens, Latin first-timer Diego Alvarez is straddling a with his dick in hand. He»s wearing a leather cap, chaps, boots -- and nothing else. Diego is a gorgeous cinnamon-colored man with muscles galore and a stunning six-pack that proves he«s done at least a million sit-ups. He pulls and tugs at the long dick, teasing the big head with the foreskin from time to time until Brad McGuire over and dives into his hairy asscrack for a meaningful rim. That is to say, Brad really MEANS business. With his big eyes staring at the prize, he licks and gnaws at the hole with all the tongue and technique he can muster. As he»s rimming away, Carlos Morales joins the klatch, shoving his thick dick deep into Diego«s open mouth. Carlos is a big hunk of a man with muscles everywhere and a traffic-stopping bubble-butt. Michael Brandon joins the scene next and quickly begins to eat Carlos» hole. Carlos and Diego then plop down to their knees to suck Michael and Brad, respectively. Michael«s famous monster does not give Carlos a whiff of trouble, however -- Carlos goes for broke, deep-throating and slobbering to his heart»s content. Diego also does a fine job on Brad«s uncut fattie. Brad and Michael then fuck Carlos and Diego from behind. They all stand over Michael to pop their loads, and, following the cum-shower from above, Michael releases his own spray.

Nice ass, Steve. Mr. Cannon returns (after a long hiatus), pretty ass and all. He»s had quite a bit of ink work in the past few years, though, and has added an elaborate tattoo that covers most of his smooth chest. He really has that tough biker look now, but that pretty ass looks just as tasty as it always did -- smooth, munchable and round. Tall and lanky first-timer Nick Piston feasts on said ass, spreading the cheeks wide to really get his face all the way in there. Muscle daddy Ben Archer joins in and fills Steve«s other orifice with cock. The tables are then turned, and Ben fucks Steve as Nick shoves his dick into Steve»s mouth. And what a dick it is. Nick«s dick is a real humdinger, ladies and gentlemen -- long, impossibly thick and as hard as a board. Steve, no doubt, is in heaven. Not wanting just a taste, Steve goes butt-up for a punishing missionary-fuck from Nick (as Ben feeds him cock from above). Ben and Nick blast off and then a satisfied Steve squeezes out the biggest load of the three.

In the «community center,» an orgy is already in progress as we arrive (just like in real life ... or so I»ve heard). Some highlights: Antonio and Damian Ford trade blows before Damian (wearing a leather mask) rims and fucks Antonio in a sling. Over in the corner, Steve is sucking on Nick«s big bone (and licking his ass) as Michael, Ben and Rick Strong grope and kiss each other on the other side of the room. Rick is another first-timer with a man body (kind of a bulky gymnast build with a Foo Man Chu-like moustache and Elvis-like sideburns, sounds weird but it looks sexier than it sounds). At any rate, he»s crazy for cock and sucks both Michael and Ben with abandon before getting fucked by both.

The final scene features two gay porn gods: Colton Ford and Blake Harper. Have you ever seen Colton«s ass look so good? And Blake, with his body made of granite, does he EVER eat donuts? These and other questions will flood your mind after seeing this two eat each other alive (and then go back for seconds). They begin with the textbook cruise (no, I didn»t write that chapter, but there«s a good lesson here for those who need it). The eye contact leads to glory hole cocksucking, before they repair to a bench with a big toilet-like hole. Colton slides underneath and rims Blake»s winking hole. Blake returns the favor before slamming a major -fuck into the aforementioned ass. Colton, not to be outdone, missionary-fucks his hard-bodied buddy. Blake then squirts his load on Colton«s pec and lightly fingers Colton»s hole until he cums. A hot flip-flop to end a sensational flick and night at the Steamworks. Now take a shower and go home!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:27:17
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1203kbps
Audio: 109kbps

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR) Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)
Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR) Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)
File size: 842.9 MB

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR)
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Prowl 3 Genuine Leather (MSR) Download

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«Bareback Summer School 2

Oh Man! Studios — 10 Inches Raw (2014)»

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