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Bedtime Stories II

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Bedtime Stories II
Bedtime Stories II
Studio: Studio 2000

Ladislav Pekar and Studio 2000s Bedtime Stories 2 is legendary director John Travis follow-up to his cum-soaked hit Bedtime Stories 1. Lushly photographed, this show gives you everything you have come to expect from Studio 2000 and more. The cast includes four Studio 2000 exclusives headed by international cream-dream Ladislav Pekar. You have not seen him anywhere since his starring role in Strokes To Seduction. Here, in Bedtime Stories 2, he reminds one what a sterling sexual presence he is. Breathtakingly handsome and buffed to within an inch of his life, this superstar has a huge uncut hose, a hairy bush, heavy-hanging balls, and a fuzzy bubblebutt. Rounding out the Studio 2000 exclusives are spitfire Tico Martin who was so hot in Desert Fire, muscle stud Antonio Marquez and all-American hunk Marcus Allen.

Super-sexed Buddy Jones, gym-built hottie Jim Slade, glamorous, exotic Arik Travis, and aggressive, big-dicked David Chelsea are the rest of the power-packed pricksters. Newcomer Chico Torres serves as the dick-in-hand narrator for these towering tales of tumescent tools. He, as anyone would, gets more and more excited with each passing parcel of passion.

As the opus opens Chico Torres is in bed reading the Book Of Dreams. The first tale, In Your Dreams, finds Buddy Jones in bed watching and whacking off to his favorite porn tape Winning Ways starring Ladislav Pekar. Jones fires off his foreskinned fuckpole and falls asleep. In his dream, and in our reality, Pekar, sporting a hefty hard-on, materializes standing above Jones on the bed. As the camera caresses every inch of Pekars dazzling dimensions, he wakes Jones by gently poking his nut-sac with his toes. Jones immediately rises to attention taking Pekars prodigious prick deep down his throat and then licking his big balls. Pekar loves the blowjob and soon the two are locked in a sixty-nine that finds Pekar sucking on Jones joint with the same excitement and energy that Jones is delivering to Pekars pecker. When Jones can hold out no longer, he sits down hard on Pekars prick and bounces up and down with lustful abandon. Pekar fucks him all over sidesaddle and missionary, utilizing deep strokes that slam in and out of Jones tight hole. Jones jettisons his juice and Pekar pops a high-flying load of lava that he must have been saving for weeks. They kiss and Pekar vanishes.

As Chico plays with his prick he tells us the next story entitled Pipe Dream. Antonio Marquez arrives at his hotel room needing to take a wicked piss. The only problem is that plumber David Chelsea is fixing the toilet. Without missing a beat, Marquez takes his leek then asks Chelsea to fix his own plump pipe. In record time, both these dark-haired, uncut, hunksters are naked and going at it ferociously. We are talking about a lot of muscle and a lot of meat. Marquez chews on Chelseas nipples and the two suck face with mucho mouth moves. Marquez goes down on Chelseas colossal cock and then Chelsea blows Marquezs massive mast. A sumptuous sixty-nine follows in which both men show off their cocksucking skills. Marquez is hungry for ass and proves it by rimming Chelsea with a vengeance then shoving his stick deep into Chelseas hungry hole. Utilizing every position in the book and then some Marquez screws the panting Chelsea all over the bed. Chelsea spews his seed while being plugged and Marquez pulls out and blasts all over Chelsea.

Chicos cock is getting noticeably harder as he tells the next tale entitled Its Your Dream. This hot humiliation scene is something decadently, deliciously different. It stars handsome brunet beauties Marcus Allen and Arik Travis. Imagine, if you will, Arik Travis calling his office guy Marcus Allen over to his house for a late night game of whos the boss Allen changes into military fatigues and barks at Travis, Listen up you piece of shittake your clothes off. As he brays orders at a captivated Travis the commands are carried out with precision. Bend over, suck my cock, lick my boots. With riding crop in hand, Allen directs the action while the helpless and obviously completely smitten Travis obeys. Travis, on his knees, worships Allens long schlong with animal passion. He shivers when Allen caresses his swollen dick and ball bag with the crop. Allen orders Travis to lie face down on the bed and cracks him across his crack. Travis is ordered to expose his asshole, which Allen proceeds to fuck with a frenzy that will leave you gasping. Travis, his dick pointing to heaven, sits on Allens boner and bounces and then takes an even more intense pounding in the sidesaddle position. Travis saturates his own stomach and Allen beats off all over Travis ball-bag. The scene ends with a kiss. Astounding Allen and tempting Travis, both glossy 8X10s, play roles reversed from what you might expect. This is another steaming sample of the sensual surprises Studio 2000 and John Travis always whip up so you can cream-off.

Chicos crank is at full mast as he reads Dream Away. It seems that Mexican-American Tico Martin, he of the long, long uncut dong and lean tight body, has been fired from his job on a ranch for not sleeping with the boss. Martin and his bunkmate Jim Slade, of the massive muscles and always-available ass, make love for what may be the last time. Slade is a very active sexualist and a very verbal bottom. He deep-throats Martins meat with abandon and then rubs the mega-manrod all over his face. Slade licks Martins pecs and pits and chews on his balls. Martin, in turn, bangs Slade all over the place sliding all the way in, then all the way out, over and over again. The drilling, in particular, is very deep and has Slade screaming for more. Both toss off copious cream with Martin squirting all over Slades face.

Chico finally can hold out no longer and strokes off a surplus of spooge. As if all this were not enough Studio 2000 adds a delightful dollop of an interview with Ladislav Pekar after the video. If you are not already smitten by Pekars perfection, this will do it for you.

Bedtime Stories 2 from Studio 2000 and director John Travis is quite simply erotic filmmaking at its finest. The entire cast lead by Studio 2000 exclusives Ladislav Pekar, Marcus Allen, Tico Martin and Antonio Marquez is facially, physically and phallically flawless. The bonehard Bedtime Stories played out in this video are indeed ball draining wet dreams.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:24:51
Video: 352x288, MPEG — 1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

Bedtime Stories II Bedtime Stories II
Bedtime Stories II Bedtime Stories II

Bedtime Stories II
File size: 846.8 MB

Bedtime Stories II

Bedtime Stories II
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Bedtime Stories II Download

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«Flavaworks — Santo Domingo Uncut vol.1

Flavaworks — Santo Domingo vol.4: Uncut Dominican Heat»

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