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Raw Sweat Vol. 2

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Raw Sweat Vol. 2
Raw Sweat Vol. 2
Studio: Spunk Video

When we came back to pick it up with some fresh faces (and butts), there was still a hint of testosterone-infused man smell. Fli was hard within seconds of walking back on the set (and thats when you know youre working with a pro). He was joined by Billy Cochran on the fuck bench for some 69-ing, while Spencer Rosebud Hart and Jessie Balboa got busy in the sling. While Rosebud is primarily a bottom, which we soon see in its full bloom, he started sucking on Jessies hole, coaxing it to open up. Fli, meanwhile, takes Billys hole and makes it his own in a matter of seconds. Prior to this flick, Fli had some personal fisting experience, but none on film. Youd never know it. He opens Billy like a can, and has his fist in Billys ass so quick, even I was surprised. The sound of chains slapping against the sling frame in the background indicated that Rosebud and Jessie were hot and heavy into action, as Fli alternated between cock and fist in Billys hole.

Hard to say which action was more intense: Flis slicked and hairy arms sliding up Billys cute, blond-fur-covered butt, or Rosebuds hand sliding into Jessies smooth ass. Fortunately, the camera moves between the action, catching both Rosebuds incredible physique and the expression on Jessies face as he worked his hole open. Jessie is one of those guys who looks just incredible with a couple of days beard growth, which made his sneer of pleasure as Rosebud drew out his rosebud even more intense.

Quickly, Billy moved into the sling and let Jessie take over working his hole. Jessie proved his mettle as a top, working his wrist past Billys sphincter, and you could tell he was using his fingertips to tickle Billys second-ring when Billys cock started to inflate. Rosebuds groaning as Fli fucked his ass in the background, however, caught my eye, and as the camera moves in I could see why he was making so much noise… Fli had his hand and his cock up Rosebuds hole. This aint your average fisting flick, at least, not with insatiable bottoms like Rosebud. Fli worked his fist in and out, strands of J-lube flowing between his hand and Rosebuds hole. Rosebud likes a lot of lube, and brought his own little tray that holds about a quart within easy reach. Fli likes lots of lube, too. All over. Just when you thought the action couldnt get any more intense, Fli pushed Rosebud prone on the fuckbench, mounts him and fucks the hell out of his open, gaping and flowing hole. It was, frankly, difficult to know how much of the fluid was lube, how much was precum from Flis cock (which was flowing like a faucet), spit and sweat. And it didnt seem to matter from Rosebuds point of view

Meanwhile, Jessie continued to fist Billy in the sling, and it was entertaining to occasionally glance up and see that they were watching Fli and Rosebud, too. Fli was really getting into Rosebud when he kneeled down, yanked his hand out of Rosebuds ass blowing out his rosebud, and Fli dove face-first into the open, blown out swollen hole. Now that takes piggyness. And I loved the little grin on Flis face when he pulled back, his beard smeared with butt juice. And Rosebuds shouts of pleasure combined with “You fucker!” clued everyone in on what he liked.

Jessie and Billy flip-flopped in the sling, and Billy took over topping Jessie. Billy slid right into Jessies hole, and worked him over good while Rosebud and took a break. Billy and Jessie are both the quiet types, so the focus was really on hand-in-butt for a few minutes. But as Jessie got into it, his breathing got heavier and his fur-covered chest began to rise and fall as he gulped in air. The chemistry was palpable between these two, but I really wanted Fli to get a whack at Jessies hole before we wore him out, so I cut it short and moved him onto the fuck bench where Fli could fist him on all fours and Jessie could take it deep. The tan lines on Jessies butt were like a frame for the action, and as handsome Jessie would glance over his shoulder at Fli, you could see how much he gets off on fisting. Which was prettier to look at: his beautiful bubble butt sucking in Flis fist, or his stubble-covered face contorted in pleasure from the feeling of a full ass? I thought he was going to blow a load when Fli alternated between sucking his cock/fisting his ass, and rimming his hole/jerking on Jessies cock. And then Fli took it up a notch, pulling Jessies ass open to encourage his bud to bloom, then licking it and grinding his beard into Jessies hole

Jessie needed a break, however, so Rosebud came back on the set and Fli rammed his fist right back in, followed by his cock… rinse and repeat. Then, Billy joined these two, sliding his hand right up Rosebuds hole like it had been there all day. Billy worked Rosebuds hole while Fli stuffed his cock in Rosebuds mouth, and then, Jessie joined in to alternate with Billy on Rosebuds hole. And Rosebud was screaming throughout, at least, not when his mouth was full of Fli cock. And then Fli got a mischevious look on his face, and glanced at Jessie and Billy; without saying a word, Jessie and Billy both shoved their hands up Rosebuds hole, and Fli leaned over to try wiggling in, too. Rosebud could take no more, however, after that workout and begged them all to stop.

Jessie wanted back into Billys hole, so that moved over to the sling and went at it again. Jessie lubed up his hand and Billys hole, sliding in with little resistance. Billy was open and ready to cum. Jessie teased his hole, working it open and loose, while pulling on his own cock. With little encouragement, Billy worked his cock to a climax, spurting cum on his belly and covering his PA with the slick milk. Jessie squeezed out that last few drops of jizz from Billys cock by massaging his prostate, then pulled out leaving Billy spent and wet.

What a pleasure it was working with these men, and I hope to work with each of them again. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy this film as much as I and the cast did making it.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:29:10
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 796kbps
Audio: 155kbps

Raw Sweat Vol. 2 Raw Sweat Vol. 2
Raw Sweat Vol. 2 Raw Sweat Vol. 2

Raw Sweat Vol. 2
File size: 625.0 MB

Raw Sweat Vol. 2

Raw Sweat Vol. 2
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Raw Sweat Vol. 2 Download

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