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Raging Stallion — Ink Stain

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Raging Stallion — Ink Stain
Raging Stallion — Ink Stain

1. Dr. Love

introduces 3 new faces: Christopher Darling, Brandon X and Dr. Benway. The scene is based on the gothic stylings of Joel-Peter Witkin and psych-drama of William Burroughs. Christopher Darling has taken 2 strangers hostage, one to use and one to love. He«s strapped Benway into a dentist’s chair, and jacked open his jaw with dental appliances. After wiring Brandon to the television in hopes of scrambling his brain to make him fall in love, he initiates some intense CBT on his little pig fucker Benway, appropriately tattooed «FAGGOT» across his sexy little paunch.

Watching this little piggy get his balls worked over while growing rock hard will win over even the squeamish. Once Benway’s sore balls and beaten cock are good and scarlet Christopher encases his entire shaft and eyes in hot candle wax. He uses and abuses Benway, treating him like a common gutter rat.

He then turns his attention to his love interest, Brandon X. Darling pulls his rubber mask off in hopes that Brandon can see him. While Brandon is still wired to the boob tube, Darling delivers a man blowjob, giving his beautiful, catatonic boy-toy a mouth-fuck, sucking up and down the huge knob of his cock. Hoping he»s succeeded in his electronic seduction, he unwires Brandon, but Brandon«s got other plans and moves right for Benway.

2. The Lovers

features pretty man Damian Rios and the insanely sexy, big-dicked, uncut Aussie, Dan Rhodes. These two mysterious and masked men explore and reveal each other slowly. Damian sucks Dan»s incredible and gorgeous uncircumcised meat, his tongue gauging deep into Dan«s foreskin. He slurps at the soft supple flesh of his goat-skin between his lips, teasing it out and rolling the glans out of its sheath.

Soon Damian coaxes his Top out of his mask to reveal Dan’s manly mug. Dan’s black rubber clad hands glide all over Damian’s beautiful tattooed flesh as he pulls open Rios»s supple cheeks. His huge cock slides in and out of Damian, fucking him hard and long. Dan pulls out a glass laboratory jar for Damian to blow his tasty spooge into. Dan unloads himself into the jar and knocks the delicious concoction back like a good hot breakfast in the morning. Ahhh, tasty!

3. Straight to Hell

Big, bad, tatted, Ricky Sinz and slim rocker-boy newcomer Rocco Giovanni star in a mashed-up homage of straight and gay porn. It«s a straightforward fuck and suck on a trashy red leather couch. Buckets of ink and sweat flow as Ricky tears into Rocco»s sweet young ass, fucking the little bitch every which way. Ricky seems right in his element here. It«s all dick-in-hole action, and if there»s anyone that can fuck hard, it«s our man Ricky.

4. Pinga

Nick Piston is back, with Spanish stud Aitor Crash. The two meet in a dive bar but don»t speak each other’s language. So they fuck. Aitor was a huge hit in «Jock Itch 2: Balls to the Wall» and he loves a no-holds-barred stud like Nick. Aitor plows Nick«s throat without mercy. Then he bends Nick over and mangles his pretty white ass crack. Aitor opens his big Latin-stud ass and Nick’s fat cock splits him open but good!

5. Last Impression

Anyone that knows Logan McCree»s work knows that he only operates with passion. While he«s built like a sex machine, he»s actually a very tenderhearted man. Jake Deckard, who introduced McCree in “Ink Storm,” pairs him with equally stunning Manuel DeBoxer for a scene that further captures his raw male sexual beauty. Lovemaking is not an easy thing to catch, and very few performers have it in them to deliver. The easy and gorgeous sexuality of this scene, as these two men explore each other, is intoxicating. McCree makes love to DeBoxer, pushing into him, opening him up and pleasuring him. Logan«s member is so big and perfectly shaped, and Manuel»s hairy ass is the epitome of manliness. These two are built for sex, and it's just breathtaking to watch them fuck.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:30:45
Video: 720x400, XviD, 1756kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Raging Stallion — Ink Stain Raging Stallion — Ink Stain
Raging Stallion — Ink Stain Raging Stallion — Ink Stain

Raging Stallion — Ink Stain
File size: 2.0 GB

Raging Stallion — Ink Stain

Raging Stallion — Ink Stain
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Raging Stallion — Ink Stain Download

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«Humongous Cocks part 12 (RaSt)

Cobra Video — Naughty Boys Toys»

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