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The Size Of It

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: The Size Of It
The Size Of It
Studio: Studio 2000

If there«s anything Studio 2000 and John Travis know about, it»s size. Big stars and big talent are what The Size of It is all about. Not so long ago Studio 2000 gave you Trying It On For Size — an inside look at the ins and outs of the fashion industry, starring hyperhung Johnny Hansom. In the smashing new release, The Size of It we«re back in the world of haute couture and handsome hunks, starring the handsomest, hungest hunk around today, Eric Hanson in his return to the adult video screen. We don»t need to tell you — but we will — that every company wanted him — and Studio 2000«s got him! Let»s talk about size! First and foremost this cast features some of the biggest, hottest dickmeat even Studio 2000 has come up with in quite awhile. Besides Hanson s hose, you get Jeremy Tucker«s ebony monster, Euro-boy Victor Racek»s uncut super-schlong, the major video debut of power-pricked Kyle Bradford, the luscious length of popular Alex Wilcox, the ever-ha joint of Jack Reilly, and biggest yet, the donkey dong of Michael Brandon. Throw in for variety and spice — the creamy and delicious antics of blond babe Nicholas Moore, and the powerbottom voraciousness of the notorious Christopher Scott. Make no mistake about it, this is a cast that rocks and ruts. In brief, The Size of It tells the tale of a major fashion designer (Eric Hanson) who is debuting his new line at a private party. In a case of art imitating life, what goes on behind the scenes is infinitely more provocative than mere fashion could ever be. The first encounter is between, the assistant caterer (Victor Racek) and one of the models (Alex Wilcox). In the ultra-posh mansion, Racek has gone to take a leak and is surprised by Wilcox, emerging steamily from an elegant sunken bathtub. They«re at it before you know it. They kiss, suck cock, and explore each other»s body. Wilcox is especially taken with Racek«s hairy hole, which he plows into with fervor. Racek is an international incident of major proportions. Wilcox delivers a model release if ever we»ve seen one. Something or someone«s got to give when model Kyle Bradford approaches design assistant, Christopher Scott, with a minor complaint. This is a John Travis picture, so minor complaints net major solutions. To get what he wants, Bradford makes Scott beg for what he wants — the big Bradford bone, You will turn on to their sizzling sixty-nine in which both wolf down one another»s designer dick, and you will love Scott chewing on Bradford«s unbelievably hairy ball-bag. For a top, Bradford is surprisingly inter-active, kissing and even eating Scott»s butthole. What follows. by chance or design, is Bradford bonking the bejeezus out of Scott«s talented rush. As if his own rod weren»t enough for Scott, Bradford alternately manages to squeeze into Scott«s chute with a really big dildo. Both of them pop, but Bradford really blasts! Now for the moment we»ve all been waiting for. Nobody knows how to handle a star like the legendary John Travis, and when he turns his videographic attentions to Eric Hanson, we know it«s gonna be The Treatment.» Hanson is, by any criteria one of the breathtaking beauties of our time. Ice-blue piercing eyes are framed by a mop of dark hair, a boyishly masculine face, full lips, contoured cheekbones, above a beyond-buff bod, perfect prick, and an amazing ass. Caterer and friend Jeremy Tucker enters Hanson«s office to help calm his nerves. Naturally, you soothe a superstar by swinging on his stick. The camera makes love to this terrific twosome capturing every detail of Tucker going down on Hanson»s hose. The surprise is that Hanson returns the favor, licking and sucking Tucker«s uncut tool with relish. From that point, you know where it»s gotta go, and of course, it does. Hanson tops Tucker in both the missionary and positions, slamming his giant joint in and out with unbridled passion. And when these two squirt, we«re talking gallons of goo. Two of the models Jack Reilly and Michael Brandon are pumping up and getting ready for the show. They hit the showers and then hit on each other. Soon Victor Racek and Nicholas Moore are watching the action from the bedroom and get into a suck session of their own, the best is yet to come as, on separate corners of the bed, Racek screws Moore while Reilly tops Brandon. This is heavy-duty fucking which really rocks when Reilly sits in a huge over-stuffed chair and Brandon, grasping his massive cock and balls, bounces up and down on him. The culminating cum shots arc really sonic, with Brandon»s being truly stratospheric. The Size of It is Studio 2000«s and John Travis» homage to handsome, horny hunks in and out of the fashion biz. Glamour god Eric Hanson would be sufficient reason to buy this picture, but throw in a phallically flawless cast of cocksuckers and buttbangers and you've got a tantalizing tale of sex, style, and most of all size!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:24:31
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 1950kbps
Audio: 122kbps

The Size Of It The Size Of It
The Size Of It The Size Of It

The Size Of It
File size: 1.3 GB

The Size Of It

The Size Of It
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The Size Of It Download

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