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All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)
All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)

Although this is a solo video, it«s produced unlike other solo releases, with all of the guys pretty much in the same room throughout, and they»re all jerking at the same time. It«s sort of like synchronized masturbation -- not that you»re likely to find this sport in the Olympics anytime soon, but it«s all very entertaining, and at times, it does feel like a competition. The setting is a military barracks, where tough-talking Sergeant Gino orders his recruits around, but he»s very lenient when it comes to them jerking off before lights out. Gino, a smoothly muscled, lantern-jawed hunk, he retires to his office (with a window that looks out on the cots in the barracks) with a girlie mag while the studs in their cots drop their drawers and stroke their dicks.

The camera takes its time showing off the prodigious endowments of the cast, who mostly just lie back and jerk their meat. Of note in the cast is straight porn star Jordan Rivers, whose star in that industry hadn«t risen at the time this feature was released. Jordan»s justly-famous endowment reaches for the skies, and he focuses intently on it while his buddies do the same thing nearby.

Two of the more recognizable of those buddies are ebony hunk Bamm and buff Tristan Michaels. Bam works his 12-inch dick, while Tristan«s pecs and abs stand out in sharp definition as he strokes. All of the guys start out wearing white boxers, and they either slip them down on their hips or haul their dicks out of the fly or leg openings to perform. While the recruits are going at it, Sergeant Gino is in his office, reclined in his chair, with his hardon in his fist. Although he never gets fully naked, his body is obviously tightly muscled and defined, and his dick is thick and hard as a rock.

In the finale, all of the studs get in a circle and Sergeant Gino orders them to cum one by one. They don»t do it fast enough, so he shows them how -- and throws his hat into the center of the circle. All of the studs shoot their loads on it, leaving it coated with white stuff. When Tristan moves in to lose it, all of the guys get kind of giggly. I'm not sure why this is exactly -- but the feeling lasts until each one has blown their load. Anyway, it sure looks like fun to me.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:23:13
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1230kbps
Audio: 156kbps

All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996) All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)
All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996) All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)

All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)
File size: 963.9 MB

All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)

All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996)
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All Worlds Video — Choke Em (1996) Download

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Release Year: 1996 Studio: All Worlds Video Cast: Gino, Bam, Adam Hunter, Julian (aka Jordan Rivers), Brent Cross, Tristan Michaels Genres: Masturbation, Solo, Military / Soldier, Muscle, Uniforms Basically a glorified solo, there«s a hot and hung stud for every taste here. Director Dirk Yates burst on the scene a while back with his amateur tapes of real Marines spanking it for the...

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