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Dirty Fuckers — Opened

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Dirty Fuckers — Opened
Dirty Fuckers — Opened
Studio: Staxus

Vanilla is most definitely an over-rated commodity in this ass-stretching, flesh-straining, dignity-defying escapade “ so beware, if you like your sex on the bland side this wont be for you. If, on the other hand, you a taste for sex with bite then youve most definitely cum to the right place. Benjamin Dunn, Sam Williams, Floran Mraz and Timmy Treasure push acceptability to the limits as they spank, fist, fuck and act like complete deviants for your pleasure. Dont ever say that you havent been warned ...

Scene 1
Dressed in bright orange, with both his hands tied behind his back, its hard not to think that young Christian Martin looks like some kind of sad renegade from Guantanamo Bay “ but dont worry, guys, this horny little tight-assed fucker is most definitely here of his own choosing. Whats more, hes clearly chosen the right people to be with him in the form of Benjamin Dunn and Staxus new boy, Robo Kopp, if hes looking for some hardcore abuse. Indeed, it doesnt take very long before both his new-found rough-boy buddies are getting out their paddles to give the youngster the kind of ass-reddening workout that a cropped-haired cunt like him deserves! Not that the abuse that he gets is reserved to a few careless smacks to his rump, it must be said. No, Martin definitely gets the full treatment here “ a hard-nosed, furious assault that eventually results in both Dunn and Kopp taking it in turns to fuck him to an inch of his miserable life! Its most definitely an acquired taste; but if seeing a youngster being roughed-up like theres no tomorrow, then fucked for good measure, then this is for you. The piece-de-la-resistance comes, however, once Kopp has spewed all over the lads face and promptly fucked off; leaving Dunn to give Martin a good old-fashioned fisting, which (given the way the bottom creams himself in response) he most definitely appreciates! In fact, he almost enjoys himself as much as Dunn, who immediately erupts all over the lads face like a fucking volcano! In short, a crude, brutal, breathtaking escapade that ticks all the necessary boxes!
Scene 2
If youve an eye for all things vanilla, then you might find the start of this scene “ Sam Williams wrapped up in cling-film like a modern-day Egyptian mummy “ just a little bit off-putting. Indeed, for the first couple of minutes youd be mistaken for assuming that the said fellow might remain in that helpless state for the whole duration of the action “ totally subject to the whims and fancies of the ever-horny Troy Vara throughout. The reality, however “ and arguably the genius of the entire escapade “ is something surprisingly different. True, we get to see what we probably expect (albeit at the start of proceedings rather than the end) when Vara rips into the plastic and fucks his buddy up the ass. But once Williams is finally unrestrained, things take on an even more passionate turn, with Vara continuing to maintain the dominant role, and the surprisingly pliant Williams eagerly deep-throating every rampant inch of dick that he hip-thrusts in his direction. Whats more, having pleasured Williams ass with an all-too-brief session of rimming, its Vara who comes out on top and proceeds to give his mate the kind of wild, energetic fucking that so many of us dream about. Then, as if to cement his position as top- in the pairing, Vara exchanges his cock for his fist “ stretching Williams pucker to surely its very limits in the process! Given the raw intensity of the offering, its probably little surprise that the ensuing cum-shots almost pale into insignificance; but considering whats gone on before weve a sneaking suspicion you wont care!
Scene 3
If the sight of young blond, Erik Franke, crawling around on all fours wearing nothing more than a jockstrap and a gas-mask does nothing for you during the course of the opening few minutes of this scene then theres the undeniable possibility that the subsequent kinky escapade is not exactly going to float your boat. That, of course, is the nature of fetish “ one mans raging hard-on is the next mans limp stick! If, on the other hand, the perverse little show (complete with Timmy Treasure and Xander Rex watching to one side) catches your eye then no question about it, your lucks in! This is not to say in any way that the entire threesome youre about to enjoy (or endure, depending on your preference) is in any way a purely specialised spectacle “ the sight of Treasure frantically riding Frankes ramrod a little way into the action will almost certainly appeal to a whole cross-section of fans, after all. But theres no denying the overall specialised nuance of the action as a whole “ a theme thats underlined by the use of a blacked-out background and camouflage netting on the floor. Indeed, the overall sense of kink only intensifies when Rex (who initially seems almost an outsider to the antics of his two mates) proceeds to fuck both mates; before introducing a metal ass-plug into the mix and eventually creaming Frankes well-worked hole. That leaves Franke and Treasure the task of working out their own pent-up loads, courtesy of a brief 69-session that results in them spewing over each others faces. A definite must for those who like it queer!
Scene 4
The problem with consumerism is that it never satisfies the individual “ the more we have, the more we want! A problem that gorgeous blond bombshell, Sven Laar, has to confront head-on when his birthday arrives and none of the gifts he gets really hits the mark. Fortunately for this horny young cock-fiend, however, hes blessed with quite a tremendous imagination, and its not long before hes creating the perfect present for himself in his head. And what is this fabulous gift? Why, none other than the јber-desirable Florian Mraz “ who, in addition to being utterly divine, is also as hyped-up as fuck and gagging for hardcore action. Okay, so he doesnt come gift-wrapped, but thats surely a minor irritation given how eagerly the fellow dives onto Laars dick having initially provided a very pleasurable, oily rub-down. Certainly Laar doesnt appear to question the quality of his dream-boy, thats for sure “ in fact, given the way that hes soon throwing hot wax over himself in a bid to heighten the experience still further its pretty clear that this is a guy whos way out of control and fuckin loving it! Whats more, his pleasure is only intensified when Mraz turns his attention to that hungry little pucker thats nestling between his butt-cheeks; signalling the start of a terrific fuck-and-fist session that provides Laars hole with the stretching of its life, and which ultimately results in the fellow spewing like a geyser over his belly. That just leaves Mraz with the task of spraying his jizz over his buddys ass “ a creamy finale for a first-class romp!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:25:54
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2003kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Dirty Fuckers — Opened Dirty Fuckers — Opened
Dirty Fuckers — Opened Dirty Fuckers — Opened

Dirty Fuckers — Opened
File size: 1.3 GB

Dirty Fuckers — Opened

Dirty Fuckers — Opened
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Dirty Fuckers — Opened Download

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