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Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Squadron
Studio: High Octane

Pretty safe to say that this military-themed release is gonna blow your nutsacks apart — helicopter and all! With a cast of aliases that includes two guys named Karoly, two others named Attila and no less than four different boys named Laszlo (two of whom use same fake last initial), its a bit of a challenge to tell whos doing who in Squadron.

Thankfully, the smorgasbord of chiseled gymboy hunks (Czech? Polish? Hungarian? Russian? Your guess is as good as mine) is delicious enough that you wont be thinking of such pesky trivialities. And since theres no dialogue to speak of (and no discernible plot to follow), nothing should distract from the sweaty suck-and-fucks that unspool.

Things get off to a sizzling start as Zsolt and Attila F., dressed in military fatigues, slave away in the helicopter hangar, hauling equipment. Studly Akos strides by and taunts their puniness by hoisting a heavy load with one arm. A playful mime follows, during which Zsolt initiates a dick-size competition. Just as soon as the men unzip a pyramid-jerk ensues while the wistful fuck music plays airily on the soundtrack. Zsolt drops down and takes turns sucking off Attila and Akos. Attila eventually kneels to join Zsolt in sharing sculpted Akos thick, uncut sausage. Attila, his mouth still stuffed with Akos meat, offers his hairy pink manhole to Zsolt, who promptly eats it.

Fucking soon follows: Zsolt, his camouflage pants yanked down while his tight wife-beater is lifted to reveal his washboard abs, pounds away at Attila, legs spread and wearing only combat boots, and whos bent over, still chugging Akos hefty tool. During a few alternating jump cuts, Akos is seen with his thick shlong poking out from his camo pants, and then seen with his undies and camos pulled down further under his nut-sack.

Cut to Zsolt laying flat on the deck while Attila furiously rides his bone... all while Akos eagerly sucks Attilas knob. In a surprising turn of events, big butch Akos is next shown taking it up the ass: Attila is on his knees, plowing into Akos, while Akos engages in a 69 with Zsolt, still on his back on the floor. Akos soon proves he can give as good as he gets, and is next shown shoving his fat cock into Attilas hairy pink clench-hole. For such a hot scene, the cumshot sequence was a bit of a letdown, though Akos does lick up some of his own spooge from Attilas freshly-squirted lumbar region.

Next up, we get a mild suck-and-fuck between Krisztian B. and Attila A. next to (and on) a military helicopter. Both boys are fit and naturally lightly hairy and get it on alright. But I detect the snip of a censors scissors here: during a setup that shows Attila A. greedily sucking Krisztians luscious apparatus, theres an apparent cut — obviously the moment when Krisztian shoots a gushing load into Attilas ready mouth. We dont see this, however. The edit is abrupt, cutting to Krisztian mid-orgasm, spraying whats left of his load all over Attilas collarbone.

We then join Karoly H., who glances up from a routine helicopter maintenance job to find Karoly R. and Istvan S. stroking their stuff. Everyone soon strips to reveal their perfectly sculpted bodies and the sucking and groping and fondling commences. Karoly H. offers his hungry hole to Istvan, who promptly fills it with his throbbing uncut boner. Meanwhile, Karoly R. watches on and strokes himself, then sticks his dick into the other Karoly, whos still feeding on Istvans ween. Istvan eventually shoots a thick wad on Karoly Hs back while H nibbles on Rs nutsack, making him come. H finally squirts a little load on himself. Fade out.

When we next see five hunks in their tighty-whiteys and wife-beaters lounging around the barracks, we know its soon time for a group fuck-session. This is pre-empted, however, by a wet dream sequence, during which two of the films four Lazslos — Lazslo G. and Laszlo L. — get it on in an airborne chopper. Basically, G sucks off Ls ample meat while the camera shakes and vibrates from the turbulence. L busts a nut on himself while G sucks his big smooth balls, followed by L. losing a load all over Gs combat boots. (I wonder what their Captain will say at their next inspection.)
Back in the barracks, everyone starts idly jerking off and soon the gang splits into two parts — a three-way and a duo — getting it on side by side in the cool, crisp glow of the blue midnight light. They stroke their meaty cocks, squeeze their plump ˜nads and suck and fuck all night, showing off their muscular bodies. Akos bottoms out again, taking Miklos frighteningly huge one up the bum, while expertly sucking off Zoltan. Meanwhile, the other Laszlo G. fucks Lazslo V., a session memorably capped off when G apparently shoots his load while still burrowing deep into Vs tight chute, pulls out, peels off the loaded condom and squeezes out his spent sticky load on Vs thigh as if he were a pastry chef using a whipped cream funnel. This particular puddle of man-goo remains un-tongued.

All in all, pretty hot stuff. Not a must-own, but certainly a must-see for fans of hung muscle boys (and the muscle boys here come in several varieties: naturally hairy; shaved/clipped; and naturally smooth). Theres no dialogue, as these foreign hunks probably wouldnt be able to sustain anything resembling a plot anyway. Whatever country these guys hail from, its a good thing their grunting and moaning translates into every language.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:55:25
Video: 720x480, MP4V
Audio: 125kbps

Squadron Squadron
Squadron Squadron

File size: 2.4 GB


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Squadron Download

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«Flava Works Dorm Life Part 5

Asiaboy — The Joy Of Nour»

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