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Romans And Gladiators

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Romans And Gladiators
Romans And Gladiators
Studio: South American Pictures

Costumed to the hilt, the South American men in Romans and Gladiators dont actually spar in an arena or juice gallons of wine while saluting the gods. None of that decadence is present here, but the other kind, the kinky side of Roman decadence that is the subject of historical gossip, that is in full swing in Romans and Gladiators. Some say bad plumbing lead to the downfall of the empire, but surely all the porn pipes here are working just fine.

A goateed man with curly hair sees a mysterious book on his coffee table. He opens it up and suddenly one of the pictures comes to life. Its of two Romans making out in seclusion outdoors. One is a tall lean smooth guy and the other a bit shorter, dark and well-toned. They get rid of all their costumes and the taller one sucks the others uncut cock. After doing so, he simply turns around and has his friend enter him. The bottom sports a giant tattoo near his ass, but the hip-swiveling top needs no target. Hes a very able top, not too full of energy or excitement, but perfectly willing to drill deep into his friend. They move to a wood pile (which doesnt look terribly comfortable) for some missionary and then some riding, which the bottom does smoothly and with intent. With the top still in him, the bottom turns himself around on the dick and continues his ride until the top is ready to claim back control with a sideways fuck. These two are in no way ready to stop, for a return to ensues and then the top finally cums, leaving his flaming-hairstyled bottom to sprinkle the ground with his goo.

The reader turns the page to find two more Romans going at it. This time, the dark-skinned hottie with the short hair kneels down on what looks to be and old-fashioned Slip n Slide so he can suck the thick curved cock on his white-toga-wearing big-lipped appreciative partner. Its a very big cock and takes a lot just to get even half sucked. The one who has just had his cock wetted then starts licking and fingering the bulbous (and again tattooed) ass of his sucker. They are then off to their fucking with the dark-skinned guy getting plugged by his zesty deep-digging top. Watch the top engage all of his muscles to make this one work, laboring from his shoulders on down. Their trip to sideways is just as fun, probably brutal for the bottom, but he seems to adore every tough position they use. They both seem to fully enjoy when the bottom sits on top, both of them working toward the same goal of deepest penetration. After hurtling through all possible positions, they both cum on the bottoms stomach, the bottom with a fantastic shot.

Another page turned in the book, another fantasy come to life in the twinkling sunlight outside. This time, the muscle quotient is upped for two beefy more rugged guys. The one with some facial hair does the sucking for the smoother more grizzled one. After a little of that, there is actually more reciprocation from the other, who turns his oral attentions south as well for some sprightly rimming. The original sucker goes back to it, giving this scene a nice burst of lust from both guys. The one with the facial hair is the bottom, not looking exceptionally clever, but with a delicious ass that doesnt impede the other from a deep fuck. Like their predecessors, every position is explored and the bottom gets a lot more comfortable as it goes on, kissing his top with a nice touch of romanticism. Adding to their apparent desire to steal the action, they are also versatile fuckers. When the positions switch, they go into overdrive and repeat all of the positions for utmost fairness. The second top even jacks off his bottom while still in him, a great creamy load. After the other finishes, these muscle guys have sprinted ahead of their costars for the spiciest scene so far.

It seems the reader has come to the end of the book, but suddenly there is a flash and a costumed soldier materializes to have sex with the horned-up reader. Shucked of their various vestments, the reader is shown to have quite a huge veined dick, which his Roman buddy, sporting the fattest dick yet and with a giant piece of foreskin to boot, sucks completely. Its the first deep-throat so far and a very good one. The Roman with the wanton mouth is rewarded with a good fuck from the reader, that thick hooded cock on the Roman looking so delicious just hard and ready. The reader fucks well, bent on burying all of himself in the Roman. The bottom has the same idea when its his turn to ride, grinding way down until all of the cock is inside him. Once again, not a position is left unexplored, with the bottom beating off furiously as hes fucked. However, the top is the first to shoot, leaving a big blast on his bottom.

Here is history come alive. I seem to think I would have preferred learning about the Roman Empire like the reader in this movie more than from a dry textbook that didnt have these type of pictures!

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Duration: 1:25:40
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Romans And Gladiators Romans And Gladiators
Romans And Gladiators Romans And Gladiators

Romans And Gladiators
File size: 712.0 MB

Romans And Gladiators

Romans And Gladiators
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Romans And Gladiators Download

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«Gay Erotica From The Past Vol. 03

Matthias' 20 Fist Weekend 2»

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