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Full Up

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Full Up
Full Up
Release Year: 1998
Studio: Falcon, Jocks
Cast: Blake Harper Brad Davis David Bradley David Pierre Marc Stewart Nicholas Clay Peter Wilder Spike Vince Bandero
Genres: Anal, oral, general hardcore, condoms

The inn is jumping this weekend! The front desk clerk wees us and reports that the place all booked up and full. The inn is bursting with sexual energy and action.
1. Nicholas Clay, Brad Davis
Nicholas Clay and Brad Davis rendezvous by the jacuzzi and the swirling waters churn hot and quick just like these two young bucks. Brad dives onto Nicholas«s plump cock, swallowing the meaty member, sliding his mouth up and down the long shaft. they kiss, then quickly switch places so Nicholas can suck Brad»s equally impressive cock. They 69 on the ground, their heads bobbing in a syncopated rhythm. Nicholas proceeds to fingerfuck Brad, inserting one, two, then three fingers up his hole, sliding them in up to the knuckles. Brad rims Nicholas«s asscrack, his tongue darting in and out of the hole. Then Nicholas upends Brad and plunges his cock deep down into his hole. He rams his ass like a fierce and steady jackhammer until Brad cums, then Nicholas jerks himself to orgasm.
2. Marc Stewart, David Pierre
Marc Stewart beckons street-trade David Pierre toe in for some fun. Marc lays back on the sofa stroking his huge prick, getting ready for his swarthy visitor. As soon as David arrives, he zooms down onto Marc»s stiff joint, working his hungry tongue up his body to the nipples, then back down to his pole. David deep-throats Marc«s thick staff with expertise. The two then get into 69 position and fellate each other. Marc»s balls bounce across David«s face; then both men play with each other»s hole. David flips backwards onto the floor, his ass and hole exposed and ready for plunder, and Marc fucks him real hard. They lay back on the couch and jerk themselves off. Marc shoots his load across David«s face and David answers with a burst of his own cum.
3. Vince Bandero, Blake Harper
Working on his long rod on the patio outside Vince Bandero»s door, Blake Harper lures hungry stud Vince Bandero out of his room. Vince starts to suck Blake«s meat, his head bobbing up and down the length of the cock, lubricating it with his saliva. Then Blake takes over and begins to orally service Vince, playing with this partner»s uncut cock, nibbling on the fleshy foreskin. The men get down on the lawn and suck each other. Vince then squats over Blake«s face, spreading his hole open for Blake to savor. Both studs are hot and horny and Vince fucks Blake in a variety of positions until both are ready to shoot their hot loads. Blake cums, and then Vince blasts his load all over Blake»s face ... and then licks Blake clean.
4. Peter Wilder, Spike, David Bradley
Peter Wilder works Spike«s stiff tool poolside ... getting it hard and then sliding back to rim Spike»s hole ... spitting water into the crack and licking it all up. Hot stud David Bradley shows up and joins the poolside play. The three studs rotate positions ... sucking and fucking in a variety ofbinations. Spike fucks Peter while he sucks David, then they switch around with Peter in the middle sucking and getting fucked. This sex-hungry trio gets worked up to a feverish pitch until one by one they shoot their loads — Spike first, his cum blasting from his cock like a misty underwater cloud — then Peter and David unload in the heat.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:29:11
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 1946kbps
Audio: 91kbps

Full Up Full Up
Full Up Full Up

Full Up
File size: 1.3 GB

Full Up

Full Up
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Full Up Download

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«ShockWave (Leather, Rubber, Raw)

Muscle Bear Hotel»

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