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When Men Fuck

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: When Men Fuck
When Men Fuck
Release Year: 2011
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Christian Wilde, Paul Wagner, Race Cooper, Ryan Patrick, Ryan Raz, Tommy Defendi, Tony Aziz, Tristan Jaxx
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Compilation, Muscle, Hairy, Daddies, Interracial

Waiting Room — Tristan Jaxx and Ryan Raz
Sexy, Tristan Jaxx has an appointment ... with hot blond, Ryan Raz. While Tristan busies himself, leafing through a magazine in the waiting room, Ryan Razes in and sits down on the leather couch. It«s obvious that there is an attraction, as the two steal glances at one another. Ryan stares at Tristan»s huge bulge in his pants, and intuitively, Tristan knows what Ryan is after. With a quick look around, Tristan rubs his crotch, beckoning Ryan over. Raz can«t resist, and soon begins rubbing Tristan»s hidden hard cock too. Ryan slowly unbuttons Tristan«s jeans, seductively taking out Jaxx»s huge uncut cock. Ryan«s cock gets stiff immediately, as he goes down on Tristan, driving him wild as he sucks and licks the unsheathed head of Tristan»s thick, rock hard cock. Soon Ryan ispletely naked, and shows his rock hard boner for Tristan to service. Tristan sucks Ryan hungrily, but his appetite grows when he flips Ryan«s feet over his head, and gives him a wet rimming. Ryan»s blond hairy ass, opens upward, at perfect serving height for Jaxx to take a bite out of him. Ryan moans as Tristan spits, licks and finger fucks his hole, preparing him for the fuck ahead. Cock-ready, Raz sits down on Tristan«s massive cock for a sensual eye-rolling fuck. Switching with Ryan»s shoulders on the floor, butt up on the edge of the sofa, Tristan plunges Ryan«s hole with a jackhammer fuck that buries deep. The final fuck, with Ryan on his back, ass on the edge, pumps out a gusher, as Tristan»s hard cock perates Ryan«s hole. Tristan pulls out, and sprays one of his miraculously famous multiple squirts, covering Ryan, and the rest of the waiting room sofa.

Rear Stable — Race Cooper and Ryan Patrick
Cowboys, Race Cooper and Ryan Patrick, can»t help their animal attraction now alone in the stable together. With Ryan«s jeans already ripped off, Race plunges his dark hard stallion cock, into Ryan»s beefy white ass. Bent over a barrel, Ryan braces himself against the stable post, as Race angrily and mercilessly fucks him. Patrick whimpers and moans for more, as Cooper picks up speed, and both men give into the carnal sweaty lust that takes control. Now, on his back, with rope tied around his boots, Ryan get«s fucked even deeper. He holds tight to the ropes suspending his legs, as Racemands him to «take it». Race has the steady rhythm of a prize stallion, not wavering his eyes from the finish line, and fucking the cowboy he»s lusted after for so long. Both are dripping sweat, as they grunt and moan, and their pelvises hitting each other with audible hard slaps. Race pushes Ryan onto the concrete floor of the stable, now hitting his stride, he prepares to release a load onto Ryan«s ginger beard. Powerful spurts cover Ryan»s face and chest, as Cooper loudly cries out his release. Exhausted, but still hard from his ass being pummeled, Patrick lies down on the stable floor, His light skin covered in a film of sweat and cum, he strokes his uncut meat to climax, mixing his own cum with the liquids that cover him. Race leans down, and squeezes out the last bit of cum from Ryan«s cock, before falling on top to kiss on the dirty stable floor.

Reception — Tony Aziz and Tommy Defendi
Tony Aziz is working at his desk, trying to finish his last bit of paperwork on hispany»s last day of operation; when furniture mover, Tommy Defendi arrives to strip the office of all the furniture. Tony, not wanting to accept that he can«t finish work, tells Tommy to «Strip yourself». Not one to leave an opportunity untaken, Tommy seductively unzips his coveralls to expose one of the most beautiful cocks in porn today. «Holy shit» Tony exclaims, unable to resist looking at Tommy»s huge thick tool, and hairy chest and abs. Tommy«s cock is more than inviting, and Tony immediately kneels forward to taste his thick hanging meat. Tony manages to get his lips all the way down to Tommy»s big hairy balls. Work nowpletely leaving his mind, as he hungrily works the thick hardness with his mouth. Tommy gets a taste next, as he pulls Tony up, and undresses Aziz«s hard muscular body. Tony leans back on the desk, as Defendi kneels down to suck Tony ravenously. Tommy strokes his own fuck-stick, spit dripping from his mouth, as he gives Tony»s pole a wet and very enthusiastic blowjob. Tony lies back on the desk, as we see Tommy«s long dick, slide slowly into Tony»s hairy hole. Defendi plows Aziz«s slick hole all over the desk, until Tony is drenched with his own warm sticky load. Wanting to taste the cock that gave him so much pleasure, Tony kneels down to devour and lick Tommy»s nuts. The sensation makes Tommy release a giant load all over Tony«s face and mouth, as Aziz greedily sucks down every drop.

Dark Room — Christian Wilde and Paul Wagner
In a dark room, two studs begin their bondage leather play. Paul Wagner lies face-down, spread-eagle on the fuck-bench, suspended by chains, while Christian Wilde works his plump hairy ass with a dildo. Paul»s hands are tied, and he moans as Christian pushes the dildo deeper, taking full control of Paul«s pleasure, willing him to open up more. Wilde unable to contain his hard-on, begins to stroke his cock, as he twists and hammers the dildo even further. Paul»s ass is stretched out, and Christian watches as Wagner«s hole twitches, waiting for the real deal. Christian rubs his thick cock against Paul»s hairy blonde crack, and makes Wagner beg for it. Perating deep into the round ass, Christian rides his boy, asking him if he «likes it». Paul emphatically answers, «Yes, sir!» Grabbing hold of Paul«s harness, Christian picks up speed, his cock getting thicker and harder with every thrust. A change of position, with wrist untied, and Paul is riding on top, with Christian now lying on the bench. Christian grabs Paul»s furry butt, as it bounces and grinds against Wilde«s pelvis. Needing to fuck his boy as deep as possible, Christian lies Paul back on the bench, with Christian standing, pulling the chains and his boy towards the base of his cock. Head cocked back and taking his sir fucking him, it»s all Paul can do but lean back and take it, as he strokes his thick meat. Paul looses all control as Christian now pounds deep, spraying cum all over his sweaty hairy chest. Now satisfied that his boy has been used up, Christian pulls out and releases his own load, mixing more cum into Paul's soaking wet torso.

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Audio: 187kbps

When Men Fuck When Men Fuck
When Men Fuck When Men Fuck

When Men Fuck
File size: 1.5 GB

When Men Fuck

When Men Fuck
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When Men Fuck Download

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