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Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Justice
Release Year: 2006
Studio: Hot House Video
Cast: Shane Rollins, Robert Van Damme, Brad Star, Carlos Morales, Duke Michaels, Jordan Vaughn, Kent North, Marc Williams, Marco Paris, Mike Roberts, Nick Horn, Nick Piston, Parker Williams, Tony Mecelli, Trevor Knight, Ty Hudson
Genres: oral sex, anal sex, group sex, jail, the elements of CM

Whenever director Steven Scarborough decides to tell a story in his movie, the results are almost always satisfying. Justice tips the scales of expectations, capturing the fineset mansex on the pla, held together by a solid narrative thread, and spearheaded by an inspired performance by its star, the seemingly indefatigable Shane Rollins.

Where to start? First of all, the movie«s misfortunate star Rollins turns in work that will impress even the most jaded porn viewer. His sexual enthusiasm and appeal do not wane one bit throughout any of his five scenes.

Rollins plays a innocent lad, who just made it to the big city (San Francisco), where he»s mistaken for a drug dealer by the cops. Using some authentic looking moves, policemen Tony Mecelli and Robert van Damme cuff Rollins, and take him back to the pokey for some tough interrogation.

No good cop / bad cop routine here. These big dicked pigs quickly push a reluctant Rollins into getting them off. They fuck his brains out, and Rollins the entire time makes good first resisting, and quickly going along. His thick cock swings around hard while they bang his classic meaty ass.

Rollins cums while impaled, pushing Macelli out of his hole, who quickly pulls off the condom and shoot a high flying geyser of Italian cream.

Next, Rollins gets locked up in the tank, where he provokes Nick Piston, Brad Star (Got Fuk«s) and Jordan Vaughan into making him their bitch. This starts with a hot sequence of Star holding the Rollins»s head, and pushing his mouth into a jawstretching deep throat of Piston«s thick cock.
«I do like that shit!» exclaims Rollins. «Wee to pri, boy!» answers Vaughan, who happily sucks Rollins, and quickly gets on his hands and knees to get his own muscleass serviced. A rimming feast moves into a classic sequence showing Rollins lifted and held up in the air while Piston throws a standing fuck into his ass.

Vaughan follows, after which Star gets his turn, showing yet again how he»s one of the hottest tops plowing ass in the business. This outstanding gangbang finishes with the tops squirting hot loads onto Rollins, who gets cum covered.

Rollins next sees his court appointed attorney, Parker Williams. After a brief conversation, Rollins realizes that in this place, practically any interaction with others requires him to have sex with them. Williams offers to get him a weekend of relative undisturbed peace in the infirmary, but only after performing an outstanding blowjob on the suit-wearing attorney. This is followed by an intense rimming of Rollins, who shoots his own cumload into his own mouth.

Of course, Rollins see the doctor (Kent North) in the infirmary, who quickly looks him over, knows nothing of any «deal» and sends him back to the gangbangers in the holding tank.

Meanwhile, back in the doctor«s office, North andely orderly Carlos Morales (The Hard Way) perform a rousing check-up on Nick Horn. These three men are all expert sexualists, turning in a supurb hard driving three-way, highlighted by a trade off on pumping North»s ass. North has shown his amazing masculine bottom performances also in The Missing and the gangbang sizzler Pack Attack 1: Kent North.

By scene«s end, the patient has thoroughly fucked the doctor and medical attendant, which is interesting because in real life it is usually the reverse that happens.

The second disc starts with Rollins in pri, at this point convicted for drug possession. Trevor Knight is thrown in as his cell mate, who Rollins recognizes as the real dealer on the street who the cops originally mistook him for. Their scene is another staggeringly impressive episode. Filmed in one actual take, they fight, with Rollins showing some genuine wrestling moves, followed by Knight lying on his stomach taking it up his virgin ass.

Jail has turned Rollins from the passive boy to an aggressive ringleader. Their scene continues with a glorious plowing of Rollins who takes Knight»s huge dick like a man. Wearing his wife-beater, Rollins turn in a masterful flip flop performance.

The movie concludes eighteen months later, when following good conduct, Rollins stands before the parole board seeking clemency. They grant him his wish, and he immediately accepts their terms without any hesitation. What ensues is a grand five way with Williams, Ty Hud, Duke Michaels and the delicious Marc Williams (Hot Properties).

The second disc director«s cut contains a bonus scene reuniting Doctor Kent North with orderly Morales for a round of ass-opening buttplay.

In many ways, Justice explores the same issues of power, cynical authority figures, and implied abuse stemming from pri life in Jean Daniel Cadinot»s 1984 Tough and Tender, but with a contemporary liberated twist. Both films are successful because of their strong, fascinating leads.

Rollins, whose career has spanned across many great movies, sticks a feather in his cap with this film. It raises the bar on many levels, and, beyond any reaable doubt, go down as one of the year's best.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:14:00
Video: 512x384, DivX 5, 528kbps
Audio: 46kbps

Justice Justice
Justice Justice

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Justice Download

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