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Gay Dreams

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Gay Dreams
Gay Dreams
Release Year: 2002
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Shane Rollins, Michael Vincenzo, Peter Raeg, Fyre Fli, Triton Rivers, Victor Rios
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Interracial Sex, Latino Men, Rimming (Ass Eating), Hair, Daddies, Men

In an effort to learn more about myself, I«ve decided to record my dreams. I place a journal next to my bed and drift off to a golden slumber prepared to experience subconscious adventures in dreamland. So of course, when Raging Stallion Studios» Gay Dreams popped into my waking life, I made a dash to my television to see if director Chris Ward«s new feature could offer me some insight into dreams. Suffice it to say, I won»t be sleeping much since I added this movie to my collection. Gay Dreams begins with shaved-head and tattooed cutie Shane Rollins getting ready for bed in this absolutely, gorgeous bathroom that would make any «Trading Spaces» designer green with envy. (Kudos to the set and lighting designers, ya«ll have good taste!) Rollins finally crawls into bed and has his first dream.

Dream # 1:
Two good-looking men, Victor Rios and Triton Rivers, are wrapped in 100% cotton towels in this stunning bathroom. A sensual make-out session begins and Rivers, inspired by the hunk of man in front of him, decides to give Rios an enthusiastic tongue bath, gently gnawing and licking Rico»s stretchy foreskin. Voila! The bathtub is magically filled with bubbles and the two men waste no time crawling in for some wet and wild action. The multiple mirrors in the room offer many chances to view the action from multiple angles as Rios preps Rivers« shaved bottom with, oh, about four fingers, before sliding his cock up the slippery chute. (Observe Rio»s fuck rhythm, he makes J. Lo«s dance moves seem like an afterthought). At the end of the sensual fuck, Rivers shoots a thick load all over his tummy and Rios, like any caring fuck buddy, rubs his goatee all over some creamy man jelly. Rios in kind delivers a load directly on Rivers» face, whose face shines with appreciation. Dissolving back to reality, well ... porn reality, Rollins is reading in a park nestled in the hills of San Francisco. He spots Fyre Fli (obviously, his name is a product of the hippie revolution) throwing a football in the air, provoking Rollins to begin a daydream about our sporty minx.

Dream # 2:
Crawling all over an ornately decorated bed covered in leopard print and a huge, Renaissance inspired tapestry on the wall (trust me, it works), Rollins and Fli begin to nosh on each other: faces, nipples, crotches, butt holes — you get the picture. Even the football makes a cameo when Fli rubs it up and down Rollins saliva-enriched butt crack. Twisting and turning Rollin«s body into a pretzel that would make contortionist from Cirque du Soleil proud, Fli takes his pierced fuck tool and gives Rollins a hot fuck. In a desperate need to extinguish Fli»s fire, Rollins flips his partner over for some good old-fashioned doggie style sex. Versatility reigns supreme and the results are healthy loads shot on each other«s tummy. Back to Rollins, sweeping up his driveway, giving him an opportunity to eye his neighbors Michael Vincenzo and Peter Raeg entering their adorable Victorian. Yep, you guessed it, daydream begins ...

Dream # 3:
Vincenzo and Raeg start kissing each other in the foyer of yet another gorgeous home. Cocks are mutually slurped on, asses are generously licked and fingers find themselves in the usual places. The lovers progress to the stairs where Raeg proudly sticks his butt up in the air and Vincenzo gladly sticks it to him. (Note to myself: When buying a home, make sure it has stairs, hot!) An aggressive, hot fuck is thrown. Vincenzo switches places and Raeg returns the horny favor while a vintage poster of Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes looks on. (Gee, this wasn»t filmed in the house of a gay man perchance?) The two routinely shoot their load without much fanfare actually. But just when I thought the dream was over, it continues ...

Dream # 3 Addenda:
Move to the couple«s bedroom where Rollins is on the bed much to the enthusiastic surprise of Vincenzo and Raeg. More kissing, licking, and even a daisy chain kick the scene into a fevered pitch. Rollins offers his spitty ass for Vincenzo to fuck while performing a vacuum-like suction on Raeg»s dick. Raeg trades places with Vincenzo to take a «stab» at Rollin«s industrial strength hole. Flip flop, flop flip — Rollins gets royally worked over by our randy couple. (Reminds me of a tennis match I once went to, actually.) As Vincenzo preps to shoot his man cream on Rollins, hees not once but four times on the bottom»s belly, while Raeg and Rollins add their juicy contributions afterwards. (PS If you miss Michael Vincenzo«s quadruple cum shot, don»t fret. The filmmaker replays the scene after the credits so you can check it out again.)
Gay Dreams« production values:
From great lighting design to beautiful sets, from the creative cinematography to the sensual music of JD Slater, this film would make a nice addition to any collection. Yeah, it»s devoid of any story whatsoever but from what I remember about my dreams, they don't make any sense either.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:40:02
Video: 384x256, DivX 5, 1213kbps
Audio: 123kbps

Gay Dreams Gay Dreams
Gay Dreams Gay Dreams

Gay Dreams
File size: 1.5 GB

Gay Dreams

Gay Dreams
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Gay Dreams Download

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