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«Don't Fuck With Sage (2013) || Deep South The big, and the easy Part I»

Footballing Marine

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Footballing Marine
Footballing Marine
Release Year: 2008
Studio: Triga Films
Genres: Oral Sex, Jerking, Group, Cumshot

We get our first good look at John jerking off in the changing rooms of the local footy team. He«s first in & with time to spare before the team arrives he decides his morning woody needs sorting. John is what you»d call a fucking stud; dark hair, moody eyes, handsome as fuck, with a bod that says he knows what the inside of a gym looks like.

Sat on a wooden bench, legs apart, in full kit, he slowly strokes his cock thru his tight forty shorts & within minutes he«s hard asa rock, out of his kit (except for boots and socks; thank you John) & showing off the perfect piece of str8 lad ass, totally smooth, with a fuckin tight, hot butthole that just wont quit!!! The horny cunt even slips a finger in, working his virgin ring as well as his prick. When the camera swing round to film him on all fours pulling his pud we get an eyeful of his decent cock topped with a nice fat helmet. And when he stands up to take off his boots his fit frame is really shown off, defined pecs, abs and big muscular thighs from all that soccer. By now he is leaking pre-cum which he wipes off with his thumb & eats. Then with his footy shirt back on, sat back on the bench, finger fucking his tight asshole we get the money shot ..... and trust me, I would have fucking taken a 2nd mortgage on me house to have been the camera man at this shoot. He explodes over the bench, his thighs and his shirt, then slowly eats his cum from his wanking hand. Then he hits the showers ...... still semi hard & showing a lot of that hard round ass of his ..... John REALLY knows what he»s got to offer.

Next up, post match, we get John & team mates back in the changing rooms. John sits himself on the physio table, shorts half on, knob out & stroking while watching his mates jerk off & suck cock. Stripped to his red footy socks, John does his own thing, working his shaft and nuts and sweaty butthole, as he kneels, then lays out on the table. This guy is fucking incredible, you have no idea!!! The other lads on the team know that as the str8 mate they can look at John, but not touch. He«s always part of the team post match spunking session but he keeps himself away from the lad-on-lad action. Some of the lads get into he showers to carry on messing about with each other, some spunk up by benches but sexy fucker John just keeps on stroking his cock, slowly working his way to another ball busting load, a stream of thick white cum spewing from his swollen knob and over his chest. Again, he makes sure he tastes the fruits of his labours. Dirty, horny, fucking bastard.

This perfect piece of Triga porn ends with a slo-mo of both of his cum shots; perfect as it was as this point I had to empty the contents of my own sack. Made a mess, a big mess, thanks to John. But have to say of all the Triga `lads` I»ve reviewed, John is easily my Number One. Triga — where the fuck do you find these guys and how the fuck do you get them to do what they do?? Who gives a fuck, just be thankful they do!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:01:40
Video: 560x400, XviD, 1411kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Footballing Marine Footballing Marine
Footballing Marine Footballing Marine

Footballing Marine
File size: 699.4 MB

Footballing Marine

Footballing Marine
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Footballing Marine Download

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«Don't Fuck With Sage (2013)

Deep South The big, and the easy Part I»

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