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Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)
Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)
Release Year: 2006
Studio: Street Boys
Cast: Lukas Jarda, Pavel Lettina, Peer Paulus, Petr Hasek, Tommy Blond, George Michaelo, Robbie Stern, Daniel Copperfield, Nick Murray, Felix Wallace
Genres: Twinks, Swallowing, Anal, Unsafe, Oral, Rimming, Dildo, Fingering, Blowjob, Euro, German, Czech

«At the breakfast table Tommy Blond is caught by horniness and so he observes George Michaelo«s cock hanging out of his underpants. He kneels down immediately and sucks his cock hard. After also George has sucked Tommy»s cock and made him wet with his finger play and rimming he fucks him at the breakfast table so that Tommy squirts. Tommy gets George«s hot juice served as a dessert directly on his face and into his mouth.

Both Pavel Lettna and Petr Hasek are sitting on the sofa. Petr wants Pavel to approach and lets him suck his cock. In the meantime, Pavel»s cock becomes hard. He blows Petr«s arsehole and pushes his cock deep into him. Pavel fucks him as long as hot sperm squirts out of Petr»s cock. After Petr has sucked Pavel«s thick cock once more his sperm flows over Petr»s face.

Daniel Copperfield is sitting on the sofa. He is so hot that he doesn«t know what to start with. After making himself horny his attention is attracted to a huge black double dildo which he tries out immediately. He pushes the black leather piece deep into his sphincter and also inserts a couple fingers. After an intense dildo fuck, sperm comes out his cock and he licks it off his fingers.

After his breakfast fuck Tommy Blond is still not satisfied. At that moment his acquaintance Peer Paulus appears. After some short eye contact the two begin blowing each other»s cocks. Tommy licks Peer«s arsehole which he begins to fuck deeply. He squirts his sperm outside Peer»s sphincter. But he is still horny and turns Tommy over in order to fuck him with his hard cock again! After a hot fuck he squirts his sperm outside his arsehole and spreads his juice with his tongue around Tommy«s sphincter. Finally he pushes his still hard and juicy cock into the willing Tommy.

Daniel Copperfield has the always horny George Michaelo as a visitor. Without too much talking the hot action starts. George blows Daniel»s huge cock until it gets really hard and arranges him on the table to play around his hole with his fingers. Daniel also wants to suck and so he takes George«s cock deep into his mouth. But George wants only one thing, namely fuck the innocent Daniel — hard. When he»s full up to the ears with sperm George kneels down and lets the hot juice squirt over his face. The sperm addicted Daniel uses his mouth and tongue to spread his juice over George«s face. He then gets George»s sperm shot over his face.

Robbie Stern is getting bored on his sofa so he plays with his big cock and his nipples. Soon dildo brought out to satisfy his lust. Attentively he pushes the huge piece into his sphincter. The deeper he plunges the dildo the harder his cock gets. He pushes the black piece into his hole until sperm shoots from his cock.

The blond Lukas Jarda and the black-haired Petr Hasek are lying in bed. Both only want one thing – hot play and action. Petr blows Lukas«s cock but really wants his arsehole. He plays around Lukas»s sphincter with his tongue. Later, with a thick dildo, he fucks Lukas«s hole hard and impetuously. With his face wreathing in pain he squirts out his juice. Petr wants to get rid of his juice so he lets his cock get sucked until he spreads his sperm over Lukas»s face.

Dreamy Nick Murray is sitting on the blue sofa. But he needs some satisfaction for the evening. Right at that very moment a hand appears offering a giant dildo. He plays with the black piece around his tight sphincter until it gets wet. Then he pushes the monstrous dildo into his hole. He fucks himself with the dildo until he can hardly retain his juice. Finally he squirts his white juice onto the dildo, which he afterwards licks up with pleasure.»

Format: avi
Duration: 2:08:01
Video: 720x544, DivX 5, 1460kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006) Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)
Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006) Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)

Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)
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Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)

Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006)
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Street Boys – Your Cum Is Mine (2006) Download

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