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Diving Lagoon

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Diving Lagoon
Diving Lagoon
Release Year: 2004
Studio: Clair Productions
Cast: Director Eugene's
Genres: muscles, couples, threesomes, jocks, anal, oral sex, outdoors

Director Eugene«s «Diving Lagoon» stars the absolute cream of the Hungarian porn star crop, as gorgeous just to look at as they are to watch fuck. The plot revolves around these titans searching for a sunken German treasure ship in a lagoon. What was a ship doing in a shallow lagoon? Neither I nor the laws of physics have any idea, but let the guys search and search, because when theye up empty handed, they go and have sex, which is infinitely more exciting than watching them in body suits with air tanks strapped to their backs.

Rick Perry is in charge of the operation and hands out the tasks. He sends out sharp-featured powerhouse Jerry O»Connor and tall handsome blond Adriano Lazzari first. They splash through the opulently picturesque lagoon and end up on a beach where Jerry is soon cramming his mouth full of Adriano«s cock, stroking his own eye-popping fat one as the sun dances off their beautifully muscled bodies. Adriano takes on Jerry»s dick, getting as much as he can into his mouth, which is no easy trick. Adriano then bends Jerry over to rim and finger his hairless tight ass. His finger has trouble fitting in, but his cock is rammed into Jerry so hard that he opens Jerry right up and gives him a fast-paced hammering. Jerry and his big bitable lips take it with gentle cooking, even when he sits on Adriano to let the top work hard from underneath. The sand is an ideal place for them to kiss side-by-side and jack off.

The remaining beefcakes are standing in model poses on the boat when they arrive at the «fjords where the catamaran sunk» (how many times do you see that in a porn flick?). Into and very quickly out of the juice go hairy craggy Renato Bellagio, strapping tattooed Julian Vincenzo and the standout among the heavenly faces and bodies here, Ray Phillips. Renato makes no bones about sunning himself on the beach when overes Julian to help him produce a bone or two. Renato gets on his side to get blown by Julian and rimmed by Ray, the lucky ! Ray does the better work, with the camera right in his face, and then Renato sits atop Ray to continue getting blown as Julian alternates eating his ass and sucking Ray between posing contentedly in the sun. Renato takes his first fuck from the ultra-sexy Ray, thrusting gleefully at him and looking so dashing doing it. Julian reclines in the water to get blown by the gifted bottom. Renato then parks himself on Ray«s cock perpendicular to his top so Ray can continue from underneath in this fun position. It»s then Julian«s turn to fuck Renato, starting with a sideways position so Renato can get sucked by Ray. Julian»s thick cock fits in there, with nice stretch from dependable Renato. On the rocks (the scenery is an amazing extra character here), Renato takes it from Julian so Ray can get sucked some more. All three stand a few feet apart and cum for each other.

The tall bru Rick, with big muscular pecs, tells youthful ripped Shane Rage and always-willing beefy Fred Goldsmith about the island in the lagoon and how they were used as separate men«s and women»s pris. I know pri isn«t supposed to be enjoyable, but amid this scenery, it had to be better than rooms without views. They go diving and naturally end up on the shore with the same infectious horniness as their pals. Soon enough, the tight square-jawed Shane is blowing well-hung Rick while the latter laps up deep in Fred»s muscular butt. After hardworking Shane has had his fill of Rick«s cock, Fred takes it, with Shane now delighting Fred»s ass hole with his pierced tongue. Watch Fred«s cock twitch each time Shane starts at him again. Rick fucks Fred, getting in about half of his cock as he also blows Shane. Rick is and keeps at Fred with great pace. Rick and Fred, still inserted, fall in a kissing tumble to a sideways position, watched carefully by Shane. Fred sits on a thrusting Shane for his next round, a smoothly delivered fuck lorded over by Rick. Fred is able to take Shane in that difficult perpendicular position introduced in the last scene, and with tons of bounce. Rick can»t help but cum watching this sport, followed by Fred, with Shane still in him. Shane quickly pulls out, rips off his condom and shoots and impressive load straight up the hair line of his abs.

Lucio Maverick is sent on the last mission with Jerry. Lucio, a sensual bru with shoulder-length hair, ogles Jerry the entire way to the diving spot and then finally turns it into something real when he declines stripping in order to hunker down and blow Jerry immediately upon reaching dry land. With a good helping hand, he does fine work on Jerry«s humongous cock. They lay in the water for Jerry to give Lucio»s dick a frisky head-rolling blowjob and then Jerry throws his legs way in the air so Lucio can lick his ass clean with total focus. Jerry takes two fingers to open him up again and then is well-oiled for Lucio«s slow knowingly sexy fuck. His gentle slicing all the way into Jerry»s ass is wonderful to watch. Lucio squeezes an easy sideways fuck into the adoring Jerry and then a final position shows off Jerry«s round butt to full advantage. Calf-length in the water, they drop their cum into the lagoon.

In the end, the guys all return to the boat and sail off as the sun sets. Did they fine pirate booty? Doesn»t look like it. However, I think the booty they did find is a whole lot more potent, and though they can't lay claim to coins, they can certainly lay claim to treasure.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:42:53
Video: 704x528, DivX 5, 1665kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Diving Lagoon Diving Lagoon
Diving Lagoon Diving Lagoon

Diving Lagoon
File size: 1.3 GB

Diving Lagoon

Diving Lagoon
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Diving Lagoon Download

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