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Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage
Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage
Release Year: 2002
Studio: Centaur Films
Cast: Brock Masters, Chad Johnson, Kirk Kelley, Ryan Michaels, Court Logan, Cade Devlin, Clint Fox, Jay Ross, Tony Steele, Matt Sizemore, Sean Storm, Masked Mystery Man
Genres: Muscles, Jocks, Anal, Military, Safe Sex

Cadet Kirk Kelley and his classmates undergo the rigorous physical training and sordid rites of passage of a military institution dedicated to turning boys into men. Will they survive Hell Week with their sphincters intact?
Nervous before reporting for training, boyish Kelley phones his (sinfully delicious Sean Storm, clad in leather chaps), who’s in the midst of a severe ass plowing, courtesy of a «Masked Mystery Man». Some ly pep talk persuades Kelley to take whatever’sing like a man.

At the Academy, the President (grizzled hunk Chad John) pops into French class to wee Cadet Kelley with a few sharp paddles and some deep throat-lunges with his thick, uncut trouser snake. Ryan Michaels is on hand as the French instructor, who starts jerking his hooded beouf from across the room, before offering his derrier to monsieur Kelley for an ass-chew while docking cocks with John.

Kelley, amazingly, double sucks both plentifully plump pricks, takes their mutual splattering of crème on the face and neck, and then offers his tight “virgin” hole to both for some hearty ass drilling and more sticky cum dumping. Obviously, this cherry doesn’t have any problems with authority.

Elsewhere on base, deep in the woods, we meet Cadet Court Logan (lean, cute, yummy) and Instructor Brock Masters (drop- gorgeous and built like a brick shit house, with a swinging, -sized cock to boot). They’re on an overnight survival training exercise together. They wake up with morning wood and Cadet Logan intuitively offers his suction skills to Brock’s stiffened throb rod and then demonstrates the clasping clench of his heinie hole around the considerable girth of Brock’s fully inserted shaft. Brock rewards the Cadet with a milky spurt delivered right smack on his kisser.

Sound the ‘sphincter alert’ for this next sequence. Instructor Matt Sizemore and Cadet Tony Steele have a mano-à-mano in the gymnasium. Sizemore throat fucks Steel with his mighty down-bent meat, then loosens Steele’s arse with a frightening pair of oversized dildos. Don’t miss the disturbing image of Steele’s distended inner tube stretched all the way out beyond his sphincter: it looks like a purple rosebud peeking through the center of a swollen cherry-red wreath. Quite fascinating — from an anatomical viewpoint, that is.

This scene offers yet another stunning eye-opener: a simulated barebacking atop the bench press. We see Steel strap a condom onto Sizemore’s Herculean meat, and we can clearly make out the latex o-ring at the base of his shaft. Cut to a close-up of the peration and, suddenly, the latex o-ring at the base has been trimmed away, allowing for the illusion of unwrapped ass plunging. If I hadn’t detected the tiny jagged tag of trimmed latex peeking from around Sizemore’s shaft, I’d be mighty convinced he wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Next up, Brock Masters is back in the woods, Cadet Jay Ross with his monster cock during physical training exercises. They get lots of creative use out of a set of parallel bars.

At last, at the tail end of Hell Week, Cadets Kelley and Clint Fox are accosted in their bunks, led blindfolded into a candle-lit dungeon and prepared for their initiation ceremony. Spikey blonde muscle hunk Cade Devlin and tall, dark and hot Ryan Michaels have their way orally and anally with both cadets. Don’t miss the sight of Kelley getting double-fucked by Cade and Ryan, which is almost as hot as the sight of Kelley gushing off a creamy load directly into his own mouth. Another highlight: versatile Cade gives up his booty to Cadet Fox, then spews his thick wad all over Cadet Kelley’s face.

Finally, delectably fuckable Sean Storm pops up again in another tail-banging cameo, getting plowed on the hood of a car in some sleazy alley by the stud-fuck credited only as “Masked Mystery Man”. After some introductory rimming, fingering and, er, bottle-fucking, bumps a few raw grinds against Storm’s puckering pink hole, then teases his sphincter with his bare shiny knob. Then, startlingly, slides his unwrapped cock all the way into Storm’s raw hole, a good three or four strokes before Storm retrieves a condom to strap onto mmms big throbbing tool. Finally sheathed in latex, proceeds to punch-fuck Storm’s hot caboose until they both ooze creamy loads at the same time.

Their coitus is again interrupted by Kelley, who phones Storm to announce his successful initiation into Man Academy. We close on the image of Kelley’s ass-cheeks, reddened from the spanks of President Chad’s swinging belt.

And don’t you just know he loves it!
Overall, production values are excellent, save for the occasional use of cheesy slo-motion effects. Camerawork is glorious and the editing, aside from some odd continuity flubs, is tight. Of course, the men are strapping, virile and can’t seem to get enough hole.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:05:13
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 878kbps
Audio: 93kbps

Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage
Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage

Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage
File size: 896.8 MB

Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage

Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage
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Man Academy 2 Rites Of Passage Download

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