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Top Cops

Gay Feature
Gay Feature: Top Cops
Top Cops
Release Year: 2002
Studio: U.S. Male
Cast: Lukas Arthur, Vilem Cage, Ivan Rohan, Robert Wild, Ruddy Rohn, Petr Tomas, Marcel Mantic, Pablo Slavik and Robert Honisek
Genres: Oral / Anal Sex, Young Man, Big Dick, Group, Cumshot

Czech gay porn jumps on the uniform fetish bandwagon with Man«s World and US Male»s Top Cops,plete with subtitles for your reading pleasure. Oh, who are we fooling ... you want to know about the sex and if these are the kind of cops you want to get your cherry ass busted for. The answer is a resounding yes!
First scene: Hunky cop busts a drug dealer for «pervitin.» (What the hell is that?) Pretty soon, our officer in uniform is demanding a saucy blow job and gets one with noplaints. The cop strips down to some very European underwear, gets a wicked knob licking and finally presents himself for some ass licking. Soon our pushy cop is sucking our drug dealer, who by the way, can not seem to stay hard. The anal interrogation begins and our drug dealer is bent over the desk to pay for his crime. Several sweaty minutes later, our cop is slamming his meat missionary style to our hairy chested offender. The duo both cum and I wonder if our drug dealer will learn his les. (He«ll probably break the law again just to get boned.)
Second scene: Two cops are questioning another drug dealer. They begin a full body search and what do they find? That our criminal is keeping a wad of money in a condom up his ass. (Talk about dirty money). Cop # 1 can not resist being tactile and soon he is orally playing with the bad boy»s wand while Cop # 2 starts a steady jerk off. Cop # 1 sucks both cocks before fucking his cop pal doggie style, who by the way is still partially dressed in his uniform. Criminal inserts some flexible butt plug up his butt so he does not get bored. Not to ignore our non-cop friend since he is the one whomited the crime, Cop # 1 screws Criminal on his back while Cop # 2 looks on. Cop # 2 wants in on some criminal butt action and slams away at Criminal. Cop # 2 gets back to fucking Criminal, dick is pulled out and all three shoot loads.

Third scene: A is picked up for speeding and placed in a jail. A cop (what a surprise) starts to belittle our hostage and figures out a way to make his job more interesting. Another strip search, the guys get turned on and soon the cop is getting serviced by our prier. But the cop is not merely satisfied on the receiving end and decides to give our hapless a blow job in return. Fucking begins with our prier being speared by this huge dick. A butt plug appears and our cop alternates between using his cock and butt plug to play with the law breaking citizen«s hole. Cop pulls his cock trigger and shoots on our lad»s chest, who finally shoots on the cop«s chest. In a cruel twist of fate, he is placed back behind bars — a strong cautionary reminder that if you make an agreement with someone, you should get it in writing.

Final scene: A burglar breaks into an apartment where a cop lives. Not a good idea ... or is it? Soon our helpless robber is getting strip searched. (Note to myself: Wear clean underwear when visiting overseas, you never know when you»ll get strip searched.) They both begin to kiss passionately and our cop wants to get to know our burglar better by sucking dick. Sixty-nining is in the cards followed by the sumptious cop«s ass being chewed on for a bit.

The cop tops our burglar with his nightstick (gee, that is not a tired metaphor for dick). Burglar shoots a load on his tummy and cop drops a luscious one on burglar. Of course a cop»s work is never done and he quickly handcuffs our burglar. Looking at the cop's apartment, the burglar got a bum rap because there is nothing in that apartment anyone would ever want to steal.

Top Cops features hot European men boinking their brains out. They are not too convincing as policemen and the uniforms do not strike me as being very authentic. And not to sound backwoods or country (I have traveled to Spain but have not had sex overseas — yet) but its reassuring to know that no matter where you are in the world, that sex, in any language can still be hot.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:25
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1465kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Top Cops Top Cops
Top Cops Top Cops

Top Cops
File size: 1.0 GB

Top Cops

Top Cops
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Top Cops Download

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