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BuenosBoys Part2

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: BuenosBoys Part2
BuenosBoys Part2
Release Year: 2011
Studio: BuenosBoys
Genres: Gay, Young Men, Twinks, Latino, Solo, Masturbation, Cumshots

If all this sounds slightly rhapsodic, go and see for yourself. Or better yet, stay right where you are and let me show you what I found. I found Kubla Kahn«s Pleasuredome, only it»s camouflaged by European-style architecture and wide avenues, perhaps run down in some cases but still grandiose. Buenos Boys are found in noisy outdoor markets, on bikes riding through the bustling streets, in neighborhood soccer games, at electronic music festivals reminiscent of the raves of the 90«s, boys of every shape and size. Mannish boys, or are they boyish men? They are young males on the cusp, bursting with hormones and entering their own private renaissance that is their discovery of life, love, sex and sensuality.

Some of them are tough and some are downright trouble. Others are students, models, dancers, DJ»s, athletes or just plain laborers. The one thing Buenos Boys all have in common is their lust for life. They are the ones who shine like beacons and stand out in a crowd. I can always spot them. Everyone is going somewhere, but the Buenos Boys are different—they are searching for some place they haven«t found yet, missing someone they haven»t met yet, searching for something higher, better, worthy of all the joy and frustration and voraciousness they have to devour it with. Only the young juice life to its dregs with such joyful abandon. Those are the boys I see, and who see me. We somehow find each other.

Introductions are quickly and easily made. I am always struck by their adorable machismo. They live by strict codes, inside which they are free to move about as they please, and love who they choose, as long as it looks right from the outside. Their families are important to them. Many of them are bisexual, which in no way impedes their plans to marry, produce , and lead lives that will undoubtedly please their families and probably even themselves. For they know how to please their own appetites without rocking any boats. They are masters at compartmentalization.

And they are fascinated with the camera. Fascinated with the lens and how it represents the eyes of people who will see them, watch them, fantasize about them. Even the ones who are noticeably nervous and shaky—and you'll see a few—are turned on by it. They are boys who get turned on by turning others on.

And the camera is fascinated with them. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what volumes must these videos speak? Better to see for yourself what I mean. Enter the world of the Buenos Boys.

Like me and so many before me, you may decide you never want to leave!

BuenosBoys Part2 BuenosBoys Part2
BuenosBoys Part2 BuenosBoys Part2

BuenosBoys Part2
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BuenosBoys Part2
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BuenosBoys Part2 Download

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“downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.”

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