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Elder Miller — Evaluation

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Elder Miller — Evaluation
Elder Miller — Evaluation
Studio: MormonBoyz

Elder Miller has been called in to the bishops office for an evaluation. Hes very anxious to make a good impression. He irons his shirt, shines his shoes and slicks back his hair—he looks like a postcard of a missionary. He even arrives early and says a private prayer before the bishop calls him into his office.

The bishop loves to perform evaluations of the elders. To measure their physical and spiritual health, he really needs to see and to touch everything. And the missionaries are very eager to earn his respect, so these one-on-one meeting are characterized by a special degree of trust and intimacy.

The bishop preserves a studied formality in his dealings with the young missionaries, and Elder Miller finds the distance both intimidating and erotic. Not knowing what the bishop will ask him to say or do also sends a thrill through him. He can feel the sap rushing to his dick as he sits quietly and waits for instructions. The bishop, meanwhile, is picturing the elders tight, tan young body, his balls and his round ass. Elder Miller is clearly a remarkable missionary.

Rather than asking him about his testimony or his missionary work, as Elder Miller expected, the bishop asks him to stand up and remove his clothing. And hes more than happy to do as told. Could it be that the bishop thinks hes handsome? He smiles and stands up. He yanks off his tie and drops it on the floor.

He unbuttons his shirt and hands it to the bishop, leaving his athletic torso covered in nothing but the sheer temple garment. He pulls that over his head and reveals his chiseled chest. Then his pants come off, and hes standing there in his garment bottoms. The bishop gives no sign of his approval, but he notes that his body is in perfect shape.

The bishop tells him to pleasure himself through his garments, which is a relief, because theres nothing hed rather do. He rubs his swollen cock with one hand, and then the bishop comes out from behind his desk and gropes his chest, his belly and his dick. But he withdraws again – Elder Miller can barely stand to be teased like this.

When the bishop tells him to remove his garments, Elder Miller finally lets loose the meaty, half-hard dick that he has been hiding in there. The bishop wants to know that the young man is in perfect physical condition, so hell have to bring him all the way to ejaculation. He tells the elder to sit back down and masturbate.

Elder Miller feels strange to be naked and hard in front of a fully-dressed priesthood leader, but obedience is the most important virtue in a young missionary, so he gets to work. As he strokes his hard dick, he wonders what it would be like to confess all of his sins to the bishop and then be physically disciplined. He imagines the bishop bending him over the desk and spanking his ass hard with his big, hairy hands. He wonders if all the other elders have had to masturbate for the bishop, too, and the thought of each of them stroking one out where he is now sitting makes him feel crazy with desire. Or is he the only one, did the bishop choose just him to come perform like this?

Hes so turned on he has to stand up. He comes close to the desk, his ass and his abdomens tense as he gets ready to cum. Will the bishop be mad if he cums on the desk? Or is that what he wants? It doesnt matter – the orgasm is suddenly here, and Elder Miller throws his head back with a grimace and cums all over the edge of the desk. He gives his big dick a few more tugs to make sure he got it all.

The bishop is impressed. He grabs some of the semen and anoints the elders forehead. Elder Miller is proud and blissed-out. But apparently the evaluation isnt over yet – the bishop orders him to lie down on the desk for the next round…

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Duration: 12:07
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Elder Miller — Evaluation Elder Miller — Evaluation
Elder Miller — Evaluation Elder Miller — Evaluation

Elder Miller — Evaluation
File size: 231.8 MB

Elder Miller — Evaluation

Elder Miller — Evaluation
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Elder Miller — Evaluation Download

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