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Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Sorensen
Studio: Mormonboyz

Elder Sorensen opens the door to his new apartment, turns on the light, and looks around. He was just dropped off by the APs. They said his companion would be arriving shortly and to hang tight. The heating is making weird noises, as if someone were there.

He calls out, nervously, Elder Stewart?
His pants and his shirt were bought at a department store for missionaries (Mr. Mac in Salt Lake City), which means theyre a little too big for his slim toned body — he looks like he put on his dads clothes. But theyre brand new. Today is the boys first day as a Mormon missionary.

And hes terrified.

Theres no response, so he calls out again and makes a quick sweep of the apartment. But just like the APs had told him, his trainer, Elder Stewart, is not home. Elder Sorensen goes into the bedroom and sits on the edge of his twin bed.

This is the first time the cute boy has been alone in two months, since his parents dropped him off at the Missionary Training Center, or MTC. With tears in their eyes, they had said goodbye to their boy, who was trying to be a man although he was still a boy.

He hadnt cried, although he had been afraid of living away from home for the first time. And he had toughed out the two months of hard work, new friendships and total lack of privacy that every missionary goes through at the MTC.

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Sorensen Sorensen
Sorensen Sorensen

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Sorensen Download

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«NylonBoys — 07 Jack

MH — They Call Him Titan»

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