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Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)
Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)
Cast: Race Marshall
Genres: Solo, Masturbation, Wanking, Jerk Off, Cum, Blond, Lean, Big Dick

This hunky blonde top has a delicious 8 inch cock that needs constant attention. «I«m not even kidding. I just broke up with a guy because he wasn»t into sucking my cock. Fuck that — get on your knees or get out!»

He slowly works his rock hard 8 cock and slowly strips bare naked to reveal his amazing atheletic body. He stares down the camera with his steel blue eyes as he slowly works his monster cock then sprays a huge load of cum all over the coffee table. He bends right down and licks up every drop of his creamy white goodness. Waste not, want not!

The video opens with Race standing in the living room with his shorts around his knees. He«s slowly stroking his fat 8 inch cock as he looks up at the camera with his beautiful blue eyes. Seeming to beckon the camera to join him — boiling over with pure sexual energy.

He kicks his pants off and stands there wearing only a t-shirt and a baseball cap as his rock hard cock reaches for the sky. His devilish grin and smiling eyes at once invite you but also let you know it»s going to be by his rule. He«s an amazing tease — and with a cock like that why the fuck not?

Race sits back on the couch as his humongous cock flaps back against his belly. He glances at the camera as he holds his tool up for inspection then gives it a couple of loving strokes before sitting up and taking off his t-shirt. Holy fucking hell he has an amazing body!

Fine tuned from years of sports and physical labor — not manufactured in a gym. This hard working blonde dude stretches out as every muscle ripples beneath the surface of his perfectly smooth skin. He reaches for that cock again and breaths heavily as he glides his hand along the length of the shaft. He looks to his right then reaches for his trust bottle of lube.

He globs a mess of the slippery liquid all over the head fo his cock then slides that stuff up and down his shaft. The sensitive skin of his glistening cock becomes electric as the lube works his magic and Races eyes bulge open a little bit as he adjusts to the overwhelming pleasure of his own beautiful hand.

The camera comes in for a close-up of his magnificent pecker and lingers on the thick shaft before panning up to its perfect mushroom head. His thick fingers slowly glide up and down the length as he continues his deliberate ritual of self satisfaction.

Race stands up and lets the summer sun cascade across his perfect body. It»s amazing to see the full length of his cock poking straight up and away from his body. His body is accented against the backlight of the patio doors as he continues to work his shaft. Breathing deeply as he inches towards orgasm.

He looks right in the lens and seems to nod to his cock with an innocent gesture of desire and power. Come on, buddy — get over here and get on your knees! A fine showing from this handsome blonde stud as he works the camera and himself at the same time!

He«s eager to get off so he adds another glob of lube to his already slick willy and starts to work his tool with ferocious speed. Ready to get off where he stands — right in the middle of the living room! It doesn»t take long before he«s breathing in short desperate gasps. The tell tale sign that cum is about to fly!

He aims his cock at the glass coffee table as the cum starts flying out of his shaft. Raining down on the glass in glob after glob of creamy white goodness. Splattering his seed with reckless abandon then pausing for just a second to catch his breath.

He gets down on his knees and examines the mess he»s made of the coffee table then bends over and takes a tentative lick of one of the drops of cum. He sits up and contemplates the flavor then bends back over and starts lapping at the table with big wide strokes. Gobbling up every last drop of his load then looking for more!

He scoops up one last spot with his thumb and bring his hand to his lips as he sucks it dry. He looks up at the camera with his thumb still in his mouth and his bright blue eyes tell the whole story. This hung blonde is totally satsified. For now.

Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p) Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)
Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p) Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)

Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)
Total size: 542.8 MB in 2 files.

Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p)
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Race Marshall Jerks Off (480p,720p) Download

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«Buzz West — Jason Kayz (FleshJack)

HardBritL — James Pringle Solo»

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