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BuenosBoys — Andres

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: BuenosBoys — Andres
BuenosBoys — Andres

Andres hails from a small town far from the capital of Buenos Aires and surprisingly (or not), a very conservative and religious family. With his classically handsome, chiseled features, it’s easy to imagine him on a fashion runway or in a magazine spread. But with his ready laugh and humor, he’s yet another model we’ve found that would probably succeed at standup comedy! Certainly he could be a porn star, and after testing the waters on video with another guy, he’s off to a great start should he choose to keep it up!

His body is tight and buff with a huge dick.

Combined with a colorful personality, he’s a veritable sexual buffet! I met him when he was working as a waiter in a gay-owned and operated restaurant in Buenos Aires. Although he doesn’t identify as gay, he’s keeping it open, not very concerned with labels.

Andres may still be forming his sexual agenda, but he already knows he loves women and transsexuals, and admits to thinking about both when he masturbates. He likes group sex and says the wildest thing he’s done is have sex with three transsexuals at once!

Who would guess this from his wholesome expression?

With an equal capacity for being devil or angel, Andre is apt to answer questions facetiously and then correct himself only after you’ve fallen for it hook line and sinker! On the other hand, when he talks about having had his heart broken in love, he projects such earnestness that you see his pensive and vulnerable sides too, and realize he is nowhere nearly as simple as the Puckish character he projects. Rather, he is sweet. Needy. Romantic. Not indomitable. The real deal!

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BuenosBoys — Andres BuenosBoys — Andres
BuenosBoys — Andres BuenosBoys — Andres

BuenosBoys — Andres
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BuenosBoys — Andres

BuenosBoys — Andres
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BuenosBoys — Andres Download

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“downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.”

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