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«Hockey Night in Criss || Self Fuck Solo — Dennis Nicolero»


Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Kelso
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

New freshman Kelso kept talking about working on his crotch rocket – but I don't think he knew what WE consider a crotch rocket around here!

Kelso used to play hockey, ran track and played basketball, in addition to riding motorcycles. He's also into working on cars. When he talks, you can picture him, shirtless out on a driveway, tools spread out, and Kelso getting sweaty and greasy as he works.

Kelso still finds time to get sweaty in the bedroom as well. This lean and handsome stud is single but manages to hookup three or four times a week. He loves girls' butts and loves anal sex with girls – so hopefully we can convince him guy's asses are even better!

Kelso was about 12 when he first jacked off, and still jerks off a couple of times a week. He likes to think about fucking a girl from behind. One of his most memorable sexual experiences was at a friend's wedding – he took a girl to the car and fucked her, then they went back inside for the rest of the reception.

Kelso has great shoulders and nice flat abs. Even better, a long dick and some low-hanging balls. Kelso thinks his best features are his triceps which are pretty awesome as well.

Kelso hasn't cum in almost two weeks, so he's ready to unload! He sits on the couch and strokes his cock. His dick is long and thick and tapers at the head. He moans and pinches a nipple as he jerks his cock.

Kelso even rubs his ass a little – so maybe getting him to play with another guy isn't too far-fetched! He tugs on his balls and strokes faster. Finally, Kelso blows a thick load all over his abs. Now that's the kind of lube job I like!

Kelso Kelso
Kelso Kelso



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Kelso Download

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«Hockey Night in Criss

Self Fuck Solo — Dennis Nicolero»

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