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Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Jordon
Studio: Island Studs

Rock Climber Jordon, a beautiful, fresh face, young twink from The Pacific Northwest, with a perfect, tight boy bubble butt and explosive cum shot, can only been seen here in this exclusive videoO from Island Studs filmed on the Road was shot in Oregon. This horny, 20 year old really enjoys lifting weights and working outside fully naked in the forest beside the rushing Oregon River. Horny college boy Jordon, enjoys stroking his hairy, blonde, twink cock and naturally smooth NUT sack throughout his long nudist, work session in the sun. Cycling and Rock Climbing since he was a teenager, Jordon now works repairing and selling bicycles in a shop in Washington State. Imagine watching this cute, laid back, friendly Biker Boy, repairing your bike! I like curvy girls with Big Boobs, Jordon says with a sweet smile as he jerks his thick pink cock at the start of this video. Mountain Boy Jordon is 20 years old, 59, weighs 165 lbs with a smooth, twink muscle body and and amazing, bright, white ass of a real college athlete, who works out a couple days a week! Horny Jordon is full of perality and cum! He is excited and nervous to be modeling here for his very first time for Island Studs! This Virgin Butt Boy gives us so much real unrehearsed dialogue and tender moments all caught here on video! I love being Naked outside, Jordon states as he pulls down his pants to reveal his tight virgin Biker Boy Butt in his extra tight Hanes underwear. Jordon immediately starts to stroke his boy cock to full erection! Watch as he releases his throbbing cock and starts to work out with gym weights in the sun! We love watching our young Island Studs pump iron in the raw! Watch as he puts on his red garden gloves and begins to prune the black berry vines on the fence by the river, fully Naked for us all to see! Look at Jordons hairless crack when he bends over to pick up the berry branches on the ground. His smooth low hanging boy ball sack dangles between his perfectly smooth tan cyclist thighs. This is our Nudist worker series at its best! With his dick rock hard, I ask horny Jordon to jump up and down on the trampoline under the Maple Tree. Watch how his cock bounces around his smooth boy body as he pounds with feet on the trampoline! What a beautiful, young lad! This All American Rock Climber is a real Pacific Northwest white boy with all natural smooth body and ass but with blonde hair covering his furry crotch. Listen to Jordon speak as he walks, fully naked, into the barn to pose for more sexy photos in the doorway of the shed! Totally unrehearsed, Jordon stops what he is doing a goes over by the river side to take a pee! Watch as he holds his thick Biker Boy cock and takes a long piss! IF you have ever wanted to spend some time with a totally comfortable, Naked, Straight, Mountain Boy, Jordon and his winning perality are not to be missed in this video! Horny Jordon sits down on a chair under the Maple Tree for a long stroke session. Watch how this young twink plays with his thick beautiful, boy cock and super smooth balls! It is like watching a 16 year old boy, jerk off in private for the first time! I ask Jordon to release his throbbing cock from his tight grip and pose for the camera. Watch his boner throb as he poses and flexes is muscle arms for us! Jordon kneels down on a mat in the grass and continues to jerk off, spreading his legs wide open as he squats! We get to see a great angle of his six pack boy abs and his hairy dick as he strokes! Here it cums, Jordon exclaims as he releases a solid stream of boy juice all over the mat between his feet! Check out the face he makes at he continues to spray more jizz on the mat, looking down at all the cum his balls produced! Watch as Jordon takes a walk to the indoor shower dripping cum along the way. This Horny, Biker Boy is still hard as he turns on the water to the shower. Jordon takes one of the sexist showers we have seen. Watch as he slides his soapy hands into his muscle boy butt several times scrubbing his perfect, Bubble Butt again and again, with his ball sack hanging between his fine, white, ass cheeks! Listen to Jordon speak with me as he showers off all the cum on his body. Horny, Rock Climber Jordon with his amazing twink muscle body and super white, boy butt is a great new addition to the stable of real life, Island Studs athletes. Thanks Jordon for being you and trying new things in your home turf: The Beautiful Oregon Mountains. We love Biker Boys of the Pacific Northwest! Enjoy this special Edition of Island Studs on the Road!

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:21
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4858kbps
Audio: 170kbps

Jordon Jordon
Jordon Jordon

File size: 1.1 GB


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Jordon Download

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