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This Is Good

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: This Is Good
This Is Good
Studio: Defiant

Anthony is Italian through and through, right down to his bushy black eyebrows. We see him skateboarding through the streets of San Francisco before lying down on the director«s bed to watch a straight porno video. He»s all alone in the room with just the camera and you watching him.

He fondles himself through his clothes for a while before stripping down and oiling up his big Italian sausage. Tony not only likes talking directly to you, he really likes talking dirty. Several times he gets right up into the camera and tells you how good it feels stoking his cock and all the things he wants you to do to it.

After about fifteen minutes of stroking and dirty talk, Tony shoots a huge load: one stream hits him on the chin. He wipes his chin off with his arm and after telling you how great that cumshot felt, he licks the cum right off his arm!
Best friends John and Justin come in and sit on the bed to watch the same straight porno tape the other guys have been watching. After talking about girls and sex for a while, John and the director leave Justin alone in the room. Justin is a cute 18 year old blond with an infectious grin. He rubs his jeans while he tells you what is going on in the video he«s watching. He eventually pulls out his really fat dick and strips off all his clothes. His cute face and thin arms are tanned but the rest of his lean, hairless teen body is creamy white. He gets up close to the camera and pumps that fat dick while talking to you. He then lays back down to shoot a good load onto his flat stomach. The director then comes back into the room and films Justin»s cum-covered body close-up. Justin rubs his finger in his cum, holds it up close to the camera to show you, then licks it right off his finger!
It«s John»s turn to be alone with you. He is older than his friend Justin and has a hairier body. He doesn«t say a word as he watches the video and peels off his clothes. He lubes up his cock and before long he is kneeling in front of the camera shooting a good load all over the bed and his own hand. He lays back down and the director comes in to film close-ups of John»s cum-covered cock.

The director somehow managed to talk Justin and John into sitting next to each other while jacking off. They are both fully dressed on the bed when the director leaves them alone. They watch the video again and talk about which part was their favorite and which girls were the hottest. For a while they only stroke themselves inside their pants.

Justin finally gets up the courage to take off his shirt and pull out his dick. John follows him but neither of the guys is comfortable enough to pull down their pants completely. While they are jacking they make sure not to look at each other but they do talk back and forth like best friends do. John cums fairly quickly all over his hand and has to wait for Justin.

You can tell John is a little embarrassed to be laying there with cum all over himself in front of his friend. Justin shoots his load onto his stomach then the director comes back in and films their cum close-up. The guys finally look at each other smiling, relieved that it is over. It is such a turn-on to watch these two best friends sharing what is probably the most intimate moment they will ever have together.

Mitch is just 18 and has a smooth hairless teen body. He also likes to talk directly to you and while he is stroking his lubed dick he says, I wish you were here right now to suck this. He gets right up to the camera to show you his boyish body and even spreads his ass wide open to show you his little puckered hole. He lies back down and pumps out a thick, creamy cumshot, his hairless balls bouncing like only a young guy«s can. The director comes back in the room and films Mitch»s cum-covered stomach. Mitch stands up and runs his fingers through his cum then licks it off of his fingers!
Young Mitch returns and jacks off on the bed. This time the director stays in the room and films close-ups as Mitch pounds his boymeat. Mitch finds a small dildo by the bed and sees what it feels like to suck on a cock. So that«s what it»s like, he says. He then shoots a good load onto his green t-shirt. The camera comes in close as Mitch licks off some of the cum from his shirt.

Next up is a long interview with Mitch. He sits on the bed and answers questions about his life, sex, his first encounter with another guy. Mitch then does a solo in the bathroom. He pumps his dick furiosly and shoots a big load into the sink.

Christian sits on a bare wood floor while watching a porno video. He oils up his dick and before long he turns toward the camera and says, Would you like to see me shoot on my face?. He stretches his neck down as close as he can to his cock and shoots his load. Unfortunately it doesn«t shoot far enough to reach his face. At least he tried.

Christian returns and this time he jacks off sitting on the john. He thumbs through both straight and gay porno magazines before lubing up his cock and shooting a load onto his t-shirt. The director then films him out in the hallway where Christian licks off some of the cum from his shirt.

Zee is hot! He has the best body of all the guys and a perfect cock. He doesn»t say much but he gives his thick dick a real workout. First he pumps it furiously without lubricant and even plays with the pre-cum that oozes out of his slit. He then oils up his dick and chest and goes wild. You«ll hear every slippery stroke as he pumps himself to orgasm; his cum shoots all the way up to his shoulder. The director comes back in and gets close-ups of the cum on Zee»s body. Zee then licks some of the cum that has landed on his shoulder.

Zee returns and wants to show the director something special he can do. This time the director stays in the room and uses a hand-held camera to film Zee close up. Zee works his big dick close to orgasm then suddenly throws his legs over his head and tries to cum in his own mouth. He doesn«t quite make it and the cum just dribbles onto his t-shirt. He promises that he can lick his own dick and he throws his legs over again and finally manages to lick the head of his still hard cock. He looks into the camera and says, I»ll bet you never saw a straight guy lick his own dick before.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:50:21
Video: 320x240, Windows Media Video 9, 439kbps
Audio: 15kbps

This Is Good This Is Good
This Is Good This Is Good

This Is Good
File size: 780.0 MB

This Is Good

This Is Good
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This Is Good Download

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«Man Avenue — Girth Brooks

Dick and Ass Fun»

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