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Jake Hall

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Jake Hall
Jake Hall
Studio: You Love Jack

From his piercing blue/green eyes and beautiful face, to his perky uncut cock and hungry asshole... This handsome young man is the complete package!
He pulls out his uncut cock and wags it at the camera before pulling up his legs and spreading his cheeks to show off his tight little asshole. He works two fingers up his ass before stuffing it full of a transparent butt plug. His asshole clamps tight around his new best friend as he splatters a mess of cum all over his shirt then licks it clean like a good little bottom!
The video opens with Jake tenderly massaging his growing cock inside his jeans. He stops to look up a the camera with the devil in his eyes as his cock responds to his touch and swells with horny desire. He opens his jeans and gives the camera a good look at his pecker as its shape is clearly outlined by the thin fabric of his underwear.

He stands up and strips off his clothes before sitting back on the couch with his rock hard uncut cock in his hand. Looking down at the camera with an expression thats half cock bastard and half innocent desire. Fuck this dude is hot!
He returns his attention to his own self pleasure as he slowly strokes the shaft of his uncut cock. Stopping to look up at the camera from time to time with his beautiful blue/green eyes. Hes horny as fuck and looking to get fucked so he pulls up his legs and starts to work on his asshole.

He looks right in the camera as he spreads his ass cheeks wide open to display his puckered little hole for all the world to see. Looking down at himself with a sense of sexual curiosity thats sexy as hell. He grabs the lube then slowly brings his index finger to his asshole. Pushes it gently against the tight opening before sliding it deep inside his body with a gentle moan.

He lets his ass relax for a second before slowly working that finger in and out in a gentle fucking motion. Lost in the pleasuer as he reams his hole then slides his fingers out and spreads his cheeks to reveal his man cunt to the camera. Smirking with perverted delight as he shows off his most private sexual ritual. Getting off on getting off.

One finger is replaced by two as he stretches his asshole wide open. Getting it ready for the next intruder — a transparent butt plug thats lonely on the side table! He reaches for the toy and slicks it up with lube before aiming it at his asshole and driving it all the way in. He groans loudly as his asshole snaps around the largest part of the dildo and seats itself firmly inside his body. Pushing it deeper before pulling his hand away and showing off that toy hanging out of his ass.

The camera comes in for a beautiful close-up as his works the butt plug in and out of his asshole. Tugging gently until its thickest part pops out of his ass which grips the shaft of toy as it slides easily out. Spreading his cheeks to show off his bright red asshole. Well lubed gaping open just a bit. Like its begging for the return of its new best friend. He plows that toy back inside his body and sits up on the couch as he gets ready to shoot his load.

He shows off his throbbing uncut cock for the camera with a delightful smirk on his face before giving into the sweet release of orgasm. He grabs his cock and gives it a couple of pulls before the cum splatters all over his belly. Coating his wife-beater with a glistening mess of pearly white cum.

He takes a second to catch his breath then brings his t-shirt to his lips and sucks every last bit of jizz out of the thin fabric. Gobbling up any stray globs that landed on his belly then licking his fingers clean. Delicious!

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:26
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3644kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Jake Hall Jake Hall
Jake Hall Jake Hall

Jake Hall
File size: 419.5 MB

Jake Hall

Jake Hall
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Jake Hall Download

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«Straight College Men — Camp Secret — Tucker in Max (Austin Z...

Axel Ducharme Jerks Off (540p)»

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