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Elder Kensington — Transfers

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Elder Kensington — Transfers
Elder Kensington — Transfers
Studio: Mormonboyz

At just past 7:00 in the morning, Elder Kensington got the phone call.

Transfers are nothing new to missionaries, they get moved around about every two to six months, so they never truly settle into one place and it does not take long to pack up their belongings to move on.

Elder Kensington was packed and ready within the hour, and two hours after that he was boarding the Greyhound bus to his next location. This was his third transfer so he was already accustomed to the process. But he was also horny, and the vibration of the bus got him hard as a rock the moment it took off. When he reached his destination he found himself having to use his back-pack to shield his large bulge from view and avoid embarrassment.

Soon after arriving, Elder Kensington was shown to his sleeping quarters. There were two beds in the room, but Kensington was the only one there. His new companion was not scheduled to return for a couple more hours.

Since everyone is in transition, transfer day is one of the few times missionaries can end up being alone, and the stunning Elder Kensington decided to take full advantage of his circumstances by working on the erection that was still begging for his attention.

Shortly after getting comfortable, Elder Kensington happened upon a pair of his new companions dirty garments. One whiff from the slightly soiled crotch made Kensington delirious with lust. He whipped out his cock and started stroking it as he imagined what his new companionship would be like.

He thought he could even pick up the scent of semen, and he imagined seeing his companion leak pre-cum all over himself. The thought turned Kensington on so much that he did not cum just once, but had multiple orgasms. He was so into the moment, that he stood on the bed, not caring if anyone walked in on him, and gave one final and impressive performance, showing off his sexy body and impressive cock, shooting his load through the air.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:11
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Elder Kensington — Transfers Elder Kensington — Transfers
Elder Kensington — Transfers Elder Kensington — Transfers

Elder Kensington — Transfers
File size: 415.2 MB

Elder Kensington — Transfers

Elder Kensington — Transfers
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Elder Kensington — Transfers Download

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