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Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep
Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep
Studio: Mormon Boyz

Elder Roberts stretches out his tight hole on the sadistic priesthood stretcher.

Elder Roberts has learned a lot on his mission. Besides everything he has learned about the scriptures, and everything he has learned about the people who live where he is serving his mission, he has learned most of all about himself. The mission has been a time of peral growth and secret sexual experimentation. What began as stealthy masturbation sessions flowered into trysts with his companion, and it wasnt long before he was having sex with handsome, older priesthood leaders. At the missionary apartment, in church, and at the temple, he has had sex in the places most sacred to a young Mormon boy.

Now he has been called in to meet with Patriarch Smith, and he can tell from the mans tone of voice that hes in for something special. When he gets to the mission home, he is led to a very dark room. In the center of the room is a long bench sporting dildos that get bigger and bigger down the line. His eyes catch on the final one ” a plug so big he cant imagine how anyone could sit on it.

He recently got sucked off by Patriarch Smith in the temple, and just seeing the sexy guy makes his balls twitch. The patriarch is all seriousness. Whatever Elder Roberts is in for, he knows its going to hurt.

Elder Roberts, youre here today in preparation for your initiation into the priesthood, Patriarch Smith says. This is the priesthood stretcher. Im going to begin by asking you to remove your clothes and move down the priesthood stretcher, one at a time. Let me be clear: the farther down you get on the priesthood stretcher, the less harsh your punishment will be when the disciplinary council meets. I want to see what youre capable of.

Elder Roberts is silent. Hes always horny and loves having sex, but hes never put on a show for anyone before. And he doesnt know how far down the bench he can go. From the look of those big stretchers, he doesnt think hell make it far. But hes afraid of what punishment might be in store, and he really wants to impress Patriarch Smith, so hes determined to suck it up and go as far as he can.

As he removes his shirt, the patriarch gets a good look at his big hands and muscular arms, and then enjoys the sight of the studs hard body through his sheer garments. The boy casually steps out of his pants and stands there in his garments. His fat dick is just visible. He hesitates a moment, then asks, And the garments? Patriarch Smith cant help smiling. Of course he wants the boy completely naked.

As Elder Roberts lifts the garment top over his head, every muscle in his torso flexes. In one smooth motion, he pulls down his garment bottoms. His fat cock bounces as he steps free of them. Now that hes completely naked, he stands tall and puts his hands behind his back. He even flexes a little, eager for the older mans approval. Which he has, though the patriarch doesnt show it.

I wanna see you stroke yourself, says Patriarch Smith. Get hard.

Its not difficult for the boy to get hard. Hes totally turned on by the situation. He tugs on his long, thick, uncut cock, and in a few moments he is sporting a fat boner. He puts some consecrating oil on it, then grips the base of his cock and gives it a few shakes. The patriarch is getting hard, too, and he shifts his boner in his pants. He stands up, puts some oil oil in his hand, and rubs it on the boys thighs, his belly, and his chest, pinching his rigid nipples. The boys cock is now rock hard as he strokes it.

At the patriarchs command, the boy lubricates the first peg and then oils up his ass. Then he steps over the bench and slowly works his way down on the first peg. He moans as he feels it pressing into his tight hole. Hes not quite ready for it, and he grits his teeth as he s it in. Once its in, though, it feels wonderful, if intense. His balls rest on the cold bench, and his hard cock jerks up toward his belly. He rides the peg for a few seconds, stroking his dick and moaning. And then its on to the next peg. He stands up and theres a little pool of oil where he has been sitting. He lubes up the next peg, then slides down on it. Its a little easier this time, now that hes warmed up, and he relishes the head pushing its way into his anus. He slides all the way down on it. He waits for the patriarch to tell him to move on. He is both eager to move on and scared of the next peg. The patriarch makes him wait a little while, his ass wrapped around the peg, before telling him to move on. He stands up ” the feeling of the peg sliding out of his ass is almost as intense as it going in.

He struggles with the next peg. He pushes down on it but he cant commit. It takes him a few tries for his ass to open up and accept the thing into him. But then he gets it. He shuts his eyes and sits down hard. The patriarch gives him a little encouragement, wondering how far down the board the boy will make it.

When youre ready, move on to the next peg, he says.

I dont know if I can, says Elder Roberts. Hes too ashamed to look the patriarch in the eye.

The farther you get now, the less youll be punished later
Resigned, the boy stands up and grabs the next peg with his hand, feeling out just how big it is. He hovers over the peg, rubbing the head against his wet hole. His two meaty cheeks are spread wide, and he pushes down gently. As the fat head of the peg s its way up into him, he lets out a loud gasp and freezes. His hands are clenched and he waits to feel his butt stretch. Slowly the peg slides up into him. Its more than he has ever had inside of him, and hes amazed at the sensation. His balls are tingling, and the head of his cock feels too tender almost to touch.

The patriarch can tell the boy wants more, so he tells him to move to the next peg. He only has two left, now. Hes starting to think he might make it all the way, though that last plug is terrifyingly massive. He lowers himself down on the second to last peg, and even though his hole has been loosened, its torture to sit on it. He grunts and takes a deep breath, and the head of the peg presses hard against his asshole. But its just too big. He stands up and admits he cant do it.

Sit back down on the previous peg, hes told. He lowers himself back down on this peg, which hurts more now that he has punished his ass on that huge peg. He tells the patriarch that he cant do this one either. The patriarch smiles. I guess youre going to have a big punishment coming your way. Sit down on the previous peg and jerk off until you cum.

Elder Roberts settles down on the peg, and it feels much easier now, a little less pain and a lot more pleasure. His balls are aching to cum. He rides the peg, working its head against the outside of his anus and then against the inside of his ass. He clenches his butt and strokes his dick hard. He puts a hand behind him and leans back, grinding the peg into him. The room is silent except the sound of him jerking his lubed dick and his loud breathing. His face is screwed up in , his mouth wide open. As he gets close, he rubs the head of his dick. He puts a hand on the peg in front of him and pictures the patriarchs cock. He imagines that its the patriarchs cock up his ass, and that send him over the edge. He shoots his cum on his slick belly and stands slowly. He hopes he did a good job.

Get your clothes, says the patriarch, excite. Ill meet you in the shower.

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Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep
Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep

Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep
File size: 298.9 MB

Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep

Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep
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Elder Roberts — Priesthood Prep Download

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