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Thad Jerks Off (720p)

Gay Solo
Gay Solo: Thad Jerks Off (720p)
Thad Jerks Off (720p)
Cast: Thad
Genres: solo, masturbation, jerkoff

Thad recently moved to San Diego with a few of his buddies to soak up the So Cal lifestyle. He«s a 26 y/o str8 guy who has definitely been making the rounds with the local female population since then.

He didn»t exactly say how it came up, but he had mentioned to his roommates that he was thinking about doing porn. Thad said it wasn«t much of a surprise to them that he was going to get naked for the world to see. Maybe it was just a bucket list thing, but they all told him he should go for it. And, so he did!

Thad is definitely a «grower.» Not that his dick was small when soft, but it got surprisingly larger (and thicker!) than I expected once he started stroking. Even his girlfriends have commented on it, and it made me wonder if his buddies who were encouraging him to do porn had some inside information about the size of his cock.

He didn»t seem too shy about getting naked around people or showing off his dick. When I asked Thad about some of the strange places he«d jerked off, the list was not short. The one that stood out was a time when he and four other guys on his football team all rubbed one out together in a hot tub.

Thad»s jerk-off style was one you don't see much, but hot to watch. He stroked his thick cock straight down, really working the head. And work it, he did. The intensity on his face grew and grew until he pulled his dick toward himself and dumped a load onto his stomach.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:00
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1953kbps
Audio: 123kbps

Thad Jerks Off (720p) Thad Jerks Off (720p)
Thad Jerks Off (720p) Thad Jerks Off (720p)

Thad Jerks Off (720p)
File size: 259.1 MB

Thad Jerks Off (720p)

Thad Jerks Off (720p)
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Thad Jerks Off (720p) Download

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