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GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw

Gay Video
Gay Video: GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw
GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw
Studio: GuyBone

Talk about steamy! Cord and Zeus wasted no time getting right to the hot making out and rolling around on the bed. Their chemistry was evident from the start and the way their mouths and bodies moved in sync told me we were in for an excellent scene! Cord, the ever dominant bi top, took control of the situation pretty quickly, getting Zeus on his back, boner bulging in his boxer briefs. Cord licked his stiff dick through the fabric, then pulled out his long uncut cock and swallowed it. Two uncut cocks together in one scene, this was a GuyBone first. And what handsome uncut cocks they were. Zeus wanted a taste of Cord’s meaty rod so he traded places with him and started sucking. It’s perhaps a tad hotter watching two uncut guys service each other because only they know how sensitive their dicks are, what feels the best, what to focus on. These two clearly knew their own dicks well and used that knowledge to please their costar. Dicks were rock hard and throbbing and they were just getting started. Zeus’ sexy and adorable laugh as Cord tickled his balls and licked from sack to neck spread a huge grin across my face. These two were totally into it, just purely aiming to please each other’s bodies. Cord grabbed the SPUNK lube and slicked both their dicks. He rubbed them together, getting them both nice and wet. Hot frottage, that’s what that is! So much foreskin pulling up and covering their cock heads, then drawing back to reveal stiff shafts. A little of that got Zeus ready to ride so he mounted Cord and prepared to fuck. He played with and complimented Cord’s balls and the two shared some sexy chuckles. Then Zeus tucked Cord’s fat cock between his cheeks and slowly sat down on it. Zeus is a tight boy and it took some stretching to get all of Cord up in there. But once he opened up, it was sure sailing as these two began screwing bareback. Zeus moaned, Cord bucked, and before they could even get a couple of minutes into it, Cord tossed Zeus off and had to take a break, precum trickling from his piss slit onto his stomach. It wasn’t his cumshot, thank God. Zeus’ ass was so tight and felt so good on Cord’s raw cock, he nearly blew his load. After regaining composure, Cord knew he had to be in charge of the rhythm if he was to keep this fantastically tight hole from pulling his seed right out of him. He put Zeus on his back, held his legs up by the ankles, and drove his dick deep. Zeus had no choice but to take it, and take it like a champ he did. The little moans and whimpers that escaped his juicy lips were such a turn on. Cord pumped slow and steady for a couple minutes and then… what’s that? He came? Yup! Poor boy couldn’t hold it in anymore, even with the position change. He shot a huge nut all over Zeus. Zeus tasted it, they laughed, then Cord was good to go for a longer session, having gotten that first blast out of the way. He got Zeus on his side and railed him on his knees. Zeus hugged a pillow as Cord’s big cock pounded away at his asshole, heavy balls swinging in the breeze. It was when they pulled open one of Zeus’ legs for me to see the view that my dick stood up and really started paying attention. Zeus’ hairy hole was so heavenly, getting stabbed by Cord’s rock solid manhood. Both guys were fucking loving it. They moved into doggie style and Cord filled Zeus’ tight hole with his massive erection. His nuts smashed against Zeus’ furry buttcheeks as he hammered away. Zeus sat reverse cowboy for his final position. He jerked his own steel boner, his loose nuts flopping as he jostled up and down on Cord’s cock. His dark hair was so nice to look at while he rode. I love vers performers because it’s such a treat getting to watch them shine in both top and bottom positions. I’ve seen Zeus as both now, and I honestly don’t know which I prefer. He’s just pure sexy no matter what he does. Zeus’ bare ass gripping Cord’s firm cock as he rode him was enough to get Cord there one more time. Since I had already seen his first cumshot, I told him to leave it in and blow his load inside Zeus’s warm hole. He did just that, bellowing when the time came to empty his seed inside his costar, breeding that hot, hot boy. Zeus must be one helluva bottom to get two loads outta Cord. He was ready to get off as well, so Zeus got comfy next to Cord and jerked his cock to sticky resolution. His cum was near crystal clear, looking like a delicious icing to a sex cake they’d just baked. They kissed again and were more than content with the magic they’d just made. As was I. As will you be.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:02
Video: 1280x720, VP80

GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw
GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw

GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw
File size: 378.5 MB

GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw

GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw
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GuyBone Cord Younglove Tops Zeus Harden Raw Download

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