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Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)

Gay Video
Gay Video: Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)
Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)
Release Year: 2016
Cast: Rob Navarro, Norco
Genres: military, anal, bareback, oral

Today Norco has returned after a long break from me. Sometimes models will disappear for a while then when they need the cash they contact me and I am in the wonderful position of negotiating better things to do with them for the money. Today is no different. Watch as I tied this straight boy up and have my way with him. This type of shooting is becoming popular and I think stripping these boys of that hetero-ness makes them like gay sex better.

When Norco arrived to my studios I was already set up in my bedroom with the restraints and I just couldn«t wait until I could tie this boy up and have my way with him. I was rushing to get photos done and paperwork filled out and it seemed like forever but finally we were in my bedroom and I has Norco tied up and blindfolded and ready for my action. I have already tired this before with Porter but today I was already practiced and took the reins on Norco and began to make him suck my cock.

Norco was doing a hell of a job actually and I was enjoying just watching him suck my cock from above so of course I was rock hard and cruising along. Once i filled his mouth and throat with my cock, I was ready to sit on his face and let him do what straight boys do best. Eat ass!! Straight guys love doing it to girls so what did I do? I laser removed all the hair on my ass and legs so they were silky smooth and soft like a girl and that was the key opening the door to this mayhem of straight guys eating a gay ass.

Next I wanted to return the favor and soon I was on my knees sucking his cock and what a beauty it is. Norco has one of the most beautiful cock»s I«ve sucked and with the amount of cocks Ive sucked that»s saying alot. Norco is a 21 year old stud and a hard on is so easy for him and today was no different. I took advantage of that and began to mount this boy while he was tied up and blindfolded. Imagine getting serviced in the dark. It was crazy.

The fucking immediately followed and I was off to the races as I began to ride this puppy in all directions and positions before I knew i had broken down this poor straight guy to the point where the orgasm was eminent. I dismounted and before long I was sucking this stud to an award winning orgasm. Norco isn't very loud... at least not vocally but the looks on his face spoke volumes. This boy was turned in a different direction today! Love Love Love this movie

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:14
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2811kbps
Audio: 104kbps

Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p) Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)
Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p) Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)

Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)
File size: 325.9 MB

Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)

Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p)
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Norco fucks Rob's asshole (720p) Download

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«Dwight fucks Rob's asshole (720p)

Adam Rhodes and Andrew Connor — JasonSparksLive»

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“You fuckin' punk. I'll beat your fucking little boy ass like you deserve. Just cause your daddy fucked your little punk ass when you were you a kid makes you want to turn a girl into your fucking slave? Really? I'll do the world a big fucking favor and erase your little boy ass from existence, how 'bout that? Fucking PUNK-ASS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!”

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downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.

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“downloaded all files but couldnt make it into a vid, waste of time.”

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“i want it”

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“very good”

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“Would Luv to see MORE Clips like this. Many more PLEASE!”

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“Game not in english :c”

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