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MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation

Gay Video
Gay Video: MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation
MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation

Elder Dudley’s handsome face, man smile and gorgeous eyes make him a real knockout.

Dudley’s kind nature and evident goodness are just as impressive as his incredible ass in his tight fitting suit pants.

These qualities have not gone unnoticed. The other missionaries want to be around him. Every time transfers happen in his mission, the mission president gets special requests from the other missionaries hoping to be paired with him.

Early on, his mission leaders recommended him for leadership positions.

The same things that have endeared him to the other missionaries have likewise drawn the attention of the brethren.

He’s been a full-time missionary for only a few months, but already the brethren have decided to summon Elder Dudley to the temple.

And if all goes according to plan, they will officially extend an invitation for him to join The Order.

So, just when Elder Dudley thinks he has figured out Mormon missionary life, the young man is thrown a curveball he never saw coming.

His mission president told him that he had been selected for a special calling, and he and his companion should report to the mission home.

When Elder Dudley and his companion arrive at the mission home, the mission president takes Dudley into his office. Alone.

During this meeting, Dudley is given an envelope much like the one he received in the mail when he was called on a mission, and instructed to open the letter.

Dear Elder Dudley,

You have been recommended as one worthy to hold the highest priesthood authority, and minister the true order of power to your fellow man.

Today you will enter the temple and learn of the true order of this higher priesthood authority. The Brethren have chosen to extend a formal invitation to begin your initiatory rites culminating in your calling and election being made sure.

Should you accept this invitation, you will be rewarded with untold goodness in your life and a new calling will be extended.

From that time forward, your purpose will be to invite others to partake of the fruit of the tree of life.

In time you will be set apart as an ordained member of the True Order, where you will enjoy full fellowship in the of true and higher priesthood.

Promptly report to the temple patron who is waiting for you at the temple today.

The Presiding First Presidency
Then the mission president told him that everything he would learn in the temple today is sacred and he must keep it a secret. He must never tell another soul.

Not even his companion.

That’s when his mission president told him that since the founding, the presiding authority of the church had always been a small group of men known as The Order.

And then his president dropped another bomb:

“Elder Dudley, there are rules about sex and sexuality that you know about, but there are many more that you will never have heard of until today.”

“You do not have to accept the calling that will be extended to you in the temple, but the brethren predicate this invitation on one condition. Complete and total subordination.”

“If you are not ready to obediently follow every command, you can not and indeed should not accept the invitation.”

The young man felt like electricity was surging through his skin. He didn’t know what to think. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe his mission president, but rather, he couldn’t process the information.

But he has a nagging erection and knows just one thing for sure, there is no way he is doing anything to mess up his chances to find out what is waiting for him at the temple.

He doesn’t know what intimate, sex-related information may lie ahead of him, but he accepts the invitation immediately.

His companion, whom he loves like a boy, would not be allowed to accompany him. The mission president assured the boys that they would only be separated for a short time.

So Elder Dudley hugged his companion and was escorted to the temple where he found himself sitting and waiting inside a small office.

It is there that he meets a priesthood leader he has never seen before, President Nelson.

As a representative of The Order, it’s President Nelson’s responsibility to conduct a thorough inspection of every Mormon boy who comes through his door. It’s an extensive and invasive process.

President Nelson has seen pictures of Elder Dudley, and he can’t wait to induct the new candidate.

President Nelson has never been disobeyed. He accepts nothing less than perfection from the missionaries; he knows these boys need – and like – his strong example of priesthood authority.

Most missionaries fall for him at first sight. Their young, hormone-drenched bodies turned on by his imposing physical presence and his commanding tone.

The boys are also attracted to his handsome face, long before they see his muscular body and fat cock.

Elder Dudley is no exception.

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MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation
MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation

MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation
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MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation

MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation
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MormonBoyz — Elder Dudley — The Invitation Download

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