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ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses

Gay Video
Gay Video: ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses
ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses

Ulysses did such a fantastic job with his Edge video with Vander, that I was really pleased he said he would be back for more.

He of course wanted to start by Topping, but I don«t think he has ruled out Bottoming.

Both he and Lorenzo have similar builds with neatly trimmed chest hair, so I knew they would look fantastic together. Lorenzo is a great bottom, and I knew he would be patient with Ulysses first time.

Although, if you were to look at Ulysses» Edge video, it is a little hard to believe it is his first time. Lorenzo was certain that Ulysses is playing for the wrong team. Maybe he is just working his way through some sexuality, or is bi. He certainly watches straight porn between takes.

He throws a lot of passion and energy into these scenes. Loves to kiss, and certainly loved having Lorenzo suck his cock. He was hard even before Lorenzo got his boxers off. Lorenzo toyed with his cock, making it pre-cum.

Lorenzo slides on up and makes Ulysses suck his cock. Not an easy position for Ulysses, but the boy took it like a champ. They do some cock jousting, rubbing Ulysses« foreskin around Lorenzo»s cut cock. That«s when the pre-cum really started flowing!

Lorenzo climbs on top of Ulysses and inserts his cock into his eager hole. They struggle a bit to find the hole, but Ulysses stays firm enough to get some rhythm going. The first couple minutes, Lorenzo is taking some time to accommodate his fat cock, but then leans backwards so we can see his hard cock, and Ulysses sliding in and out.

Lorenzo pulls off, cleans his cock, then spins around and sits on Ulysses» cock. This gives us an even better view as Lorenzo«s muscle ass grinds around on his cock.

Ulysses got a little wobbly, so it was time for him to stop being a passive Top. He gets upright at the edge of the bed. Lorenzo slicks up his cock with his mouth, and then turns around for Ulysses to pound his hole. These inserts do show that he does not have that much experience fucking ass. But once he gets it in, the dude is a pro!

He flips Lorenzo onto his back to change his angle of attack.

I think Lorenzo is shy about the fact he loves getting fucked. He stays hard, and often is trying to not cum. There are couple times when he gazes at me as if to say, «I can»t hold back much longer!» He nuts very quickly on his back, and we now know to be ready for it. But watch his eyes as he kind of has a look of terror that he might bust, awaiting me to tell him to go for it!

He busts a huge nut, and Ulysses was thrilled he made a guy cum that way. I think that planted the seed that he may want to try to get fucked someday too.

Ulysses was amazing on this shoot. He was always hard, and he came within minutes of Lorenzo. He was made to do porn!

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:51
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2927kbps
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ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses
ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses

ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses
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ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses

ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses
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ChaosMen — Lorenzo And Ulysses Download

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